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Entrant Company LEO BURNETT INDIA Mumbai, INDIA
Advertising Agency LEO BURNETT INDIA Mumbai, INDIA

Brief Explanation

Bio-farm prides itself on making eco-friendly fertilizers and caring for Mother Nature. It caters to an urban audience, including nurseries, flower enthusiasts and casual plant growers.

The Brief

Bio-farm is a maker of organic fertilizers and wanted to redesign their existing packaging.

How the final design was conceived

Instead of only creating a new visual design on the existing plastic packaging, we decided to go for a radical overhaul of the packaging. We wanted to create a new packaging that would take the company’s philosophy of being eco-friendly to a new level. Thus was born the ‘Good Paper Project’, a packaging design that used Bio-Farm fertilizer itself to create environment-friendly design. We decided to eliminate the use of plastic and create paper that was made by mixing regular paper pulp and Bio-Farm fertilizer. This paper was then used to create packaging design printed with organic (eco-friendly) ink.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Once empty, this packaging could be torn into small pieces and mixed in the soil. Upon watering the pieces of paper dissolved in the soil and acted as a regular fertilizer. So, in a nutshell, the ‘Good Paper Project’ packaging design was 100% organic and showed 100% love to Mother Nature.The environment-friendly and value-for-money packaging proved a huge hit among the target audience. The stocks sold very quickly, and the stores were out-of-stock very often. Bio-Farm benefitted as the packaging established their eco-friendly values, the customers benefitted as they go more fertilizer per pack, but more importantly the environment benefitted.


Name Company Position
Elijah Tesla Ecobasket Production
Shashank Sharma Freelancer Photographer
Varun Dutt Freelancer Dop
Kevin Pereira Freelancer Dop
Suresh Lodh Screenart Production
Dilip Trivedi Fresno And Bakersfield Director
Santosh Harmarkar Freelancer Illustrator
Swati Khanduri Leo Burnett Client Servicing
Jay Divanji Leo Burnett Copywriter
Vikram Pandey Leo Burnett Copywriter
Amit Thakur Leo Burnett Art Director
Payal Juthani Leo Burnett Art Director
Payal Juthani Leo Burnett Design Creative Director
Vikram Pandey Leo Burnett Associate Executive Creative Director
Nitesh Tiwari Leo Burnett Natinal Creative Director
K V Sridhar Leo Burnett Chief Creative Officer