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Brief Explanation

Majority of Chinese still read printed books as a habit, even if they know ebooks are more convenient. We’d like them to reconsider reading ebooks by letting them realize the impact of printed books on the environment.

The Brief

iReader, the number one eReader app in China, wants book lovers to consider reading more ebooks instead of printed books.

How the final design was conceived

Why should trees suffer when you read? iReader persuades Chinese bookworms to read more eBooks and do our environment a favor. As we know, trees are the raw materials of printed books. And no matter what literary genre you’re reading, it’s always a tragedy for trees. The artwork shows well-loved book characters cut out from the pages of printed books. The famous scenes of the book are twisted, the characters in Snow White are chopping down trees, Don Quixote is dragging a chopped tree to the windmill, Sherlock is investigating the crime scene with a dead tree. All these meticulous details are done on CG.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Yet to be collated.


Name Company Position
Xidan Light Digital Visual Effects Art Co./Ltd. Illustrator
Happy Finish Illustrator
Yilin Lim Bbh China Print Producer
Michelle Wu Bbh China Copy Writer
Haoxi Lv Bbh China Art Director
Carol Ong Bbh China Associate Creative Director/Copy Writer
Yinbo Ma Bbh China Creative Director
Johnny Tan Bbh China Executive Creative Director