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Brief Explanation

In a marketplace like Singapore where over the counter medication is readily available at various pharmacies, consumers are spoilt for choices with different products all claiming to provide relief for a sour stomach or indigestion. So the key objectives were to look at how we stand out from the competition visually and ensure our ad communicates what the Alka Seltzer product does in a simple yet effective manner.

The Brief

Alka Seltzer is an over-the-counter effervescent antacid and pain reliever. The product’s key benefits are primarily to relieve upset stomachs and acid indigestion. With a number of competitors in the same category claiming the same benefits, the role of advertising is to drive product awareness, but more importantly; top-of-mind recall so that Alka Seltzer is the consumers’ preferred brand to purchase for stomach pain relief.

How the final design was conceived

Competitor ads painted a common picture of a person in discomfort along which we found to be boring. We wanted to ensure that we bring out the emotiveness of our idea, which would resonate & connect with the consumer in a memorable yet creative way. And the idea was born: to re-create the feeling of what a person would feel like when having indigestion. So the ad, in a tasteful manner, shows a vivid and powerful effect of what actually happens with your stomach when you eat too much - with the different animals/food all tied up in knots.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

We believe the idea is a simple clear one that evokes powerful emotion, creates relevancy and sends a purposeful message. Consumers stop to take a few looks at the ad in the OOH space as it is intriguing and a clever way to communicate the message and bring Alka Seltzer to mind. And last but not least, it effectively helps Alka Seltzer stand way above the competition by being different!


Name Company Position
Tina Jasmine Kaur Bbdo/Proximity Singapore Pte Ltd Account Service
Chris Ng Pirate Ship Studio Retoucher
Kevin Aw Miracle Factory Retoucher
Jeremy Wong Nemesis Pictures Photographer
Chris Ng Pirate Ship Studio Illustrator
Jennyson Rosero Bbdo/Proximity Singapore Pte Ltd Illustrator
Ronald Ng Bbdo/Proximity Singapore Pte Ltd Copywriter
Boo Wei Yi Bbdo/Proximity Singapore Pte Ltd Art Director
Gary Lim Bbdo/Proximity Singapore Pte Ltd Art Director
Shum Qi Hao Bbdo/Proximity Singapore Pte Ltd Art Director
Douglas Goh Bbdo/Proximity Singapore Pte Ltd Creative Director
Ronald Ng Bbdo/Proximity Singapore Pte Ltd Chief Creative Officer