Product / ServiceYAMAZAKI
CategoryA02. Posters
Entrant Company TOKYU AGENCY Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency TOKYU AGENCY Tokyo, JAPAN

Brief Explanation

In Japan, in times of trouble or sorrow, people encourage themselves and their friends with the words “there’s always tomorrow.” We realized that the written shape of the kanji for ashita, the Japanese word for “tomorrow”, is almost the same as the written shape of the English word “BAR”. The presentation communicates the idea of giving young people a lift by “going to a bar and talking with friends with a glass of whisky in hand to change the day-to-day conflicts, setbacks, sorrow, and tears into enthusiasm for tomorrow”.

The Brief

The Great East Japan Earthquake was 2 years ago. While Prime Minister Abe’s economic policies and BOJ monetary policy have boosted the stock market and lowered the yen and Japan finally seems to be recovering its vitality, the young generation (30s business man) is going out to drink less and less often. This advertisement encourages them to go out to a bar and pick up their spirits with Suntory’s single malt whisky, Yamazaki.

How the final design was conceived

In an ashita (in kanji)/“BAR”-shaped building with bottles lined up like buildings on a city street people are gathered together and talking with one another. Inside the BAR lettering is an authentic bar, a bar with good music, and so on, each with a different interior and its own atmosphere recreated with photo composites of sets and people on a 3D base. Also, have board captions translated into English.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Posters were placed in train stations crowded with commuters, with the idea that the ads would encourage people on their way to a hard day of work and tired people on their way home at the end of the day.


Name Company Position
Takahiro Kujime Tokyu Agency Account Supervisor
Takuya Tsugane Rizing Retouch
Yuko Terashima Amana Cgi 3dcg
Futoshi Watanabe Book Stylist
Ryohei Takanashi Acube Photographer
Takashi Suzuki Vida Photographer
Hiroko Tsukune Amana Production Manager
Nao Ueno Amana Producer
Takuya Kuramoto Wise Integration Desighner
Shizuka Masuno Suntory Creative Producer
Yukari Oka Suntory Creative Producer
Yosuke Takagi Tokyu Agency Copy Writer
Kouki Watanabe Tokyu Agency Art Director
Shuji Fujimoto Tokyu Agency Creaitive Director
Nobutoshi Takada Tokyu Agency Creative Director
Kiyoshi Omori Suntory Creative Director
Hideo Kato Suntory Creative Director