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Entrant Company SUBSTANCE Sheung Wan, HONG KONG
Advertising Agency SUBSTANCE Sheung Wan, HONG KONG

Brief Explanation

The challenge was how to make Fé an experience rather than just another burgeoning brand in a rapidly expanding market. Yogi's, even casual ones, see yoga as more than exercise; they see it as a way of life, an experience and a method of mentally arriving at a calm and centered place. For these people, experience is just as important as well designed clothing. Fé would have to reach them on a level that provoked thought, inspired feeling and generated an inner state of calm. 

The Brief

Our client was launching a yoga and lifestyle clothing brand, with items that could be worn anywhere from a yoga practice to having an up-scale dinner. Each piece was designed with such an activity or location in mind, such as having a morning coffee after my yoga practice), resulting in a design that was perfectly tailored for that experience. Our client wanted to translate this into the brand identity and experience. 

How the final design was conceived

Yoga focuses on being aware. To showcase an enlightening experience, each piece is carefully tailored for that moment. We arrived at Fé: A Mindful Journey. Each journey is written and documented in the look book as well as in the hangtags, becoming a collectable series of journeys in Hong Kong, New York, Tokyo, Paris, and across the globe. The identity (the red dot) is a centre point of the journey, embodying how yogi’s centre themselves. Each category has measured patterns, which reflect the precision in the tailoring of the clothing, in performance and the distance between journeys beginning and end.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

At the World Asia Yoga Expo, which is visited by prominent and renowned experts from around Asia (including yogi's, teachers, students and companies) Fé sold one third of her collection. This is an unheard of feat for a brand that was literally only a few months old at the time, with no publicity or noise surrounding Fé's appearance at the Expo. Customers all commented that their experience at the booth (which showcased the brand identity, stationary, look-book, website, video, packaging, tote bags, hang tags and labels) were exceptional and truly reflected the state of mind that yogi's aspire to have.


Name Company Position
Mathias Pares Substance Limited Designer
Jessica Lee Substance Limited Account Manager
Kirsteen Thain Substance Limited Writer
Belinda Alfonso Substance Limited Designer
Anna Ceccenamo Substance Limited Designer
Siuming Leung Substance Limited Senior Designer
Hinz Pak Substance Limited Senior Designer
Maxime Dautresme Substance Limited Creative Director