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Brief Explanation

Touching the design is a really physical and tangible experience. Conveying the physical experience through the internet. Although it is hard to accomplish, when it was done, customers will have a chance to feel and touch the design of the new car.

The Brief

Honda launched the N-ONE, a mini car with unmatched design quality in its segment. Since the number of people actually visiting the store is declining, Honda needed another way of conveying the appeals and design details of its new car to new customers who have lower interest in cars.

How the final design was conceived

Since it must be sent over the internet, unfolded patterns must be downloadable. The form of the car must be as accurate as possible. So we used the CAD data of the real car to generate the paper craft car. However we made the texture of the car very mat, so that people could notice that it was made thoroughly by paper.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

It resulted in 360,000 PVs and 70,000 downloads. The access went up 800%. Honda became No.1 in mini-car segment.. Moreover, this was a prototype of what we call a "Tangible Marketing" where clients try to send physical experience to the remote audience. 3D printers will surely push this evolution quickly, but we can say that this paper craft is an early prototype of it.


Name Company Position
Rin Tai Dentsu Inc. Tokyo Accountexective
Naoyuki Masuda Dentsu Inc. Tokyo Accountexective
Tsuyoshi Kobayashi Sweat/Inc. Web Producer
Tatsuya Uetake Dentsu Razorfish Inc. Web Producer
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Sojiro Kamatani Qotori Film Inc. Editor
Japan Art Craft Co./Ltd Japan Art Craft Co./Ltd Art
Mitsuhiro Okamoto Light
Tatsushi Asaga Camera
Daisuke Shimada Qotori Film Inc. Director
Mizuho Toyoshima Cinq Co./Ltd. Production Manager
Naoto Sasaki Cinq Co./Ltd. Production Manager
Manabu Sasaki Adbrain Inc. Producer
Susumu Nagano Cinq Co./Ltd. Producer
Yu Tanaka Cinq Co./Ltd. Producer
Yoshio Hiramoto Adbrain Inc. Designer
Takashi Omori Dentsu Razorfish Inc. Agencyproducer
Akira Amano Dentsu Inc. Tokyo Planner
Yuji Yokomori Dentsu Inc. Tokyo Copywriter
Shimohama/Matsuura Dentsu Inc. Tokyo Creative Director/Artdirector/Planner