Product / ServicePARTY POPPER
CategoryA06. Self Promotion
Entrant6D-K Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company 6D-K Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency 6D-K Tokyo, JAPAN

Brief Explanation

We aimed to have those, who saw the confetti blasting out of party poppers, or paper petals fluttering to the floor, get a sense of cheerfulness and festiveness, similar to what they would feel when seeing actual showers of sakura, rose petals that filled up the aisle for the bride. We wanted to embody that “Hanami” which any Japanese would reminisce, through confetti bursting out of this, or spotting petals fluttering to the floor, ultimately creating a joyful, cheerful feeling. This was created to play a role in promoting Japan’s recovery, as well as to be a symbol of vitality.

The Brief

“Hanami” is a Japanese tradition where people gather to enjoy and celebrate the sakura (cherry blossoms) in bloom that spring. It is a traditional culture deeply rooted in the spirits of Japanese, which date back to ancient times. However in 2011, after the Great East Japan Earthquake shook the island, outdoor “Hanami” were cancelled one after another, due to self-restraint. We created this item in hopes to heal people’s hearts, as well as to pray for Japan’s recovery and bring back “Hanami” as early as possible.

How the final design was conceived

Our goal was to have the party popper bring people the same kind of joy they’d experience when they saw the real flower, so intentionally avoided use of photos on the package, as well as real petals. Instead, we chose hand-sketched illustrations to depict happiness in a more gentle, softer way. Paper petals were carefully selected regarding thinness of paper, as well as the right amount to place inside. This helped to resemble the actual flower as best as possible.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

“Hanami” is originally an event that takes place outside, only for that limited period in spring when the sakura (cherry blossoms) bloom, but this item will enable people to celebrate and experience that festive feeling indoors, all-year round, bringing them a sense of peace. Furthermore, these party poppers will allow one to dwell in the excitement, even after the party. One may run into a petal in the corner of a room, or find a petal when reaching inside its pocket, and he/she will be reminded of the joyful time spent.


Name Company Position
Masahito Okubo Shikaku Film Director
Hiroki Nakashima Cameraman
Miho Sakaki 6d-K Designer
Shogo Kishino 6d-K Chief Designer
Shogo Kishino 6d-K Art Director