Short List
Product / ServiceMASKING TAPE
CategoryA09. Environmental Design
Entrant Company IYAMADESIGN Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency IYAMADESIGN Tokyo, JAPAN

Brief Explanation

Actually it was a challenging to hold such an event after the tragic earthquake in Tohoku District. Sendai was also one of the quake-hit areas, many people still face serious situations. But we thought people down there would feel like doing something not common. We tried to encourage people and give an opportunity to refresh their mind through the exhibition.

The Brief

‘mt’ is a derivative product came out of masking tape which is usually used in construction site. As its wide range of colors and patterns, customers use it for wrapping and decoration on a daily basis. In contrast to the usual masking tape, ‘mt’s main target is woman. This promotional exhibition and temporary shop ‘mt ex’ has been held a few times in Japan and clients planed to hold the first exhibition in Sendai, Tohoku district. They wanted to introduce the wide range of variations properly and present the new aspects of ‘mt’ tapes usage.

How the final design was conceived

We designed the space covered by ‘mt’ tapes and show customers the new possibility of usage. We decorated one of the walls and the floor by ‘mt’ tapes and hanged hundreds of ‘mt’ tapes from the ceiling so that customers are able to check out the wide range of colors and patterns at one view. We aimed to show customers many aspects of ‘mt’ tapes through these unique experiences.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

We succeeded in amuse customers down there and the sales was a ringing success. Customers took pictures in front of the entrance and uploaded website, so we got a large turnout till the end of the event.


Name Company Position
Takashi Watanabe Sound Designer
Akihiro Kawauchi Photographer
Kentaro Ohama Photographer
Saori Shibata Iyamadesign Inc. Designer
Takenori Sugimura Iyamadesign Inc. Designer
Mayuko Watanabe Iyamadesign Inc. Designer
Koji Iyama Iyamadesign Inc. Art Director
Koji Iyama Iyamadesign Inc. Creative Director
Kina Kuriwaki Sound Designer