CategoryA08. Broadcast Design and Graphics & Digital Design
Entrant Company HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency 2 BASCULE Tokyo, JAPAN

Brief Explanation

Have more people understand Adobe and its belief. Extend the brand awareness and positive perception to a broader audience, the usual “non-creators”. Have the “non-creators” experience the joy of “creation”, and become brand advocates. Generate interest to Creative Cloud and Adobe’s creative solutions.

The Brief

Adobe believes that the act of creation will better the world, and has been developing and introducing various digital tools. Adobe launched a new membership service, Creative Cloud, which allows more users to easily utilize its creative tools. Build brand awareness and positive perception upon the launch of Creative Cloud, and open up Creative Cloud and Adobe’s creative solutions to more people.

How the final design was conceived

Design an experience where there is no need for knowledge or technique, but anyone could enjoy “creation”. Having your own original font can become a starting point of being creative. Create a digital installation realizing live action into fonts. An installation where anyone could just move their own bodies and it would give shape to their messages and imagination with their own original font. These fonts can be shared with others. We implemented live events where anyone could participate in, and experience the joy of “creation” with this digital installation.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Over 50,000 participants enjoyed Adobe’s memorable events. It spread smiles over the faces of participants and created huge buzz. Over US$1.3million worth of publicity was generated and “Font Me” became a top topic in social media. Many people also accessed “Font Me” online, and became brand advocates together with the event participants. Research showed a lift in brand awareness, perception and interest scores, and the launch of Adobe Creative Cloud was a great success. Having their own original font motivated users to become creative, build an emotional bond with Adobe, and continue and enhance usage of Adobe’s creative solutions.


Name Company Position
Taichi Sugiura/Takeshi Maruta/Masaru Yokota Cinra Inc. Event Producer/Media Partner
Jun Murota/Yuhei Sawabe Tow Co./Ltd./Iam Inc. Event Producer
Kenichiro Tanaka Bascule Inc. Production Producer
Takahiko Aoki/Ryoichi Nakahigashi Hakuhodo Inc. Account Executive
Takashi Hirukawa Acut Movie Director
Muryo Honma/Hiroyuki Hori Rhizomatiks Inc. Device Engineer
Yuki Tamai Hoseisya Inc. Device Producer
Shogo Yano Deltro Inc. Programmer
Tsuubito Ishii Buffer Renaiss Device Developper
Shojiro Nakaoka Bitztream Inc. Sound Designer
Toshiaki Nakazawa/Taishi Chihara/Yusuke Kanno Fishgrove Inc. Technical Director/Programmer
Ken Murayama Deltro Inc. Technical Director/Interface Developper
Motoi Ishibashi Rhizomatiks Inc. Technical Director/Device Programmer
Yoshikazu Iida Bascule Inc. Creative Technical Director
Tomomi Motose Bascule Inc. Planner/Director
Hitoshi Futami Hakuhodo Inc. Executive Producer
Masanori Sakamoto Deltro Inc. Art Director/Designer/Typographer
Seiichi Ookura Hakuhodo Inc. Copywriter
Kampei Baba Bascule Inc. Creative Director
Koichi Katsumata Hakuhodo Inc. Creative Director/Planner