Product / ServicePETA
CategoryA10. Typography
Entrant Company Y&R BEIJING, CHINA
Advertising Agency Y&R BEIJING, CHINA

Brief Explanation

To let the public find out the truth hides beneath the glamour in the center of the ring.

The Brief

Animal actors are mistreated and tortured in the backstage of circuses. PETA wants to unveil such cruelty to the public and to raise awareness.

How the final design was conceived

To tell the stories of those suffering animals in each letter, and composite a set of messages closely related to circus.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

People intelligent enough will immediately understand the irony in each message and have serious consideration of animal performance in circuses.


Name Company Position
Jianjun Geng Y/R Beijing Designer
Donghai Liu Y/R Beijing Copywriter
Jianjun Geng Y/R Beijing Illustrator
Ronnie Wu Y/R Beijing Art Director
Nils Andersson Y/R China Copywriter
Nils Andersson Y/R China Art Director
Jianjun Geng Y/R Beijing Art Director
Gao Han Y/R Beijing Copywriter
Donghai Liu Y/R Beijing Cd
Ronnie Wu Y/R Beijing Cd
Nils Andersson Y/R China Cco