Product / ServiceSUBARU
CategoryA08. Broadcast Design and Graphics & Digital Design
Entrant Company ADK JAPAN Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency ADK JAPAN Tokyo, JAPAN

Brief Explanation

We developed miniature cars equipped with EYESIGHT technology for distribution as promotional incentives at Subaru showrooms. To attract visitors to the showrooms and expand awareness of EYESIGHT technology, we also produced a viral movie featuring the EYESIGHT-equipped mini-cars.

The Brief

We aimed to seed awareness and promote understanding of Subaru EYESIGHT technology, attract visitors to Subaru showrooms, and contribute to increased sales of Subaru cars. EYESIGHT is collision avoidance technology that detects obstacles in an automobile’s path and brings the car to a stop.

How the final design was conceived

In viral movie, we designed a mini-car performance, orchestrated by EYESIGHT technology and sound. EYESIGHT technology guides more than 300 mini-cars as they come together, fall into formation, and drive away without a single collision. We added a trick in which initially random sounds emitted by micro-speakers installed in the mini-cars combine to create a melody as the cars come together.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Viral dissemination of the movie (820,000 YouTube views; 2,500 “likes” as of end June, 2013) and the lure of the EYESIGHT mini-cars increased foot traffic to Subaru showrooms and boosted model sales by 32%.


Name Company Position
Ludwig Van Beethoven 3000 Composer
Masaru Shinagawa Sound Designer
Melody Punch Inc. Soundproduction
Toru Midorikawa/Kotaro Maruhashi Music/Sound
Digital Egg Inc. Postproduction
Tomoyo Orikasa/Kohei Yakuwa Editor
Masao Ohde Tohokushinnsha Producer
Kensaku Kakimoto Cinematographer
Kensaku Kakimoto Tohokushinnsha Director
Hiroki Ishiyama Adk Art Director
Hiroki Ishiyama Adk Copy Writer
Hiroki Ishiyama Adk Creative Director