CategoryA06. Self Promotion
EntrantDENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN

Brief Explanation

To draw targets’ interests, just pursuing improvement in specification is not enough. A new dimension to imply new market possibility was a must. This was achieved by offering totally new visual experience rather than simply improving the image quality.

The Brief

The goal was to promote the second generation of the head mounted display, Sony HMZ-T2, which immerses someone in the world of his favorite image. Although the first generation was sold out due in part to curiosity, It was hard to promote the second generation because the price of it was a 10,000 yen higher than one of the first generation despite minor changes and a feeling of hope for it was decreasing as someone's fever went down. We aimed to topicalize it and to stimulate the desire of people to experience it under this adverse circumstances.

How the final design was conceived

The uniqueness of the product was maximized by newly introducing a spherical all-round camera and gyro sensors. Such a conversion enabled the devise to offer flexible image angles responding to the face orientation of the audience, instead of a fixed image. In Tokyo Game Show 2012, by demonstrating this product, we offered new interactive visual experiences to make the audience feel as if they were taken into another world: - A woman in front of the audience suddenly turned into a zombie and came right beside them - Musicians appeared out of nowhere and started performing music surrounding the audience

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The products were sold out only four hours after the launch of pre-order sale. If you figure out what PR result would be worth in advertisement expences, it would probably be about two billion yen, about ten times of the fabrication cost. The total number of 'Tweet' about this product reached 19,965.(Most of their tweets gave a favorite review and there are hardly any negative tweets about minor changes and price increases.) The referral traffic reached 16,913,669. We are respectfully encouraged to develop the original games with this new device by some game companies.


Name Company Position
Yasuhiro Kawasaki Robot Communications Inc. Film Producer
Yoshihiko Nakamura Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc. Marketing Communication Manager
Hirotaka Kobori Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc. Senior Marketing Communication Manager
Ryo Asakura Akari Inc. Cg Creator
Takao Onomura Sonicjam System Engineer
Ryuji Masaki Sonicjam System Development Manager
Kazuyuki Honda Akari Inc. Techinical Account Manager
Ken Murata Sonicjam Techinical Account Manager
Sohei Wakisaka Laboratory For Adaptive Intelligence/Bsi/Riken Reseacher/Ph.d.
Naotaka Fujii Laboratory For Adaptive Intelligence/Bsi/Riken Laboratory Head/M.d./Ph.d.
Susumu Harada Dentsu Inc. Web Project Manager
Yumiko Suzuki Dentsu Inc. Content Planner
Kenji Ozaki Dentsu Inc. Event Planner
Eiko Shimada Dentsu Inc. Creative Producer
Kazuyoshi Ochi Dentsu Inc. Content Planner/Copywriter
Akira Suzuki Dentsu Inc. Strategic/Concept Planner
Noritaka Kobuse Dentsu Inc. Brand Strategist
Ryosuke Kanayama Dentsu Inc. Account Exective
Shuko Endo Dentsu Inc. Account Exective
Yuji Masuda Dentsu Inc. Senior Account Executive