Product / ServicePEACE ONE DAY
CategoryA09. Environmental Design
Entrant Company SHINEWORKS Shanghai, CHINA
Advertising Agency SHINEWORKS Shanghai, CHINA

Brief Explanation

Most of us neglect the Peace Day because we live in peace every day. Client wants more non-war countries' people to stand out calling peace. Especially China—The country with 1/5 of the world's population.

The Brief

Remind the Chinese September 21 is the peace day of the world

How the final design was conceived

We made a massive installation which suspended 50,000 bullets with 100,000 black strings in an art center. While passing this 18 meters long corridor, people will see the frozen bullets to feel the war stopped by Peace Day. We wish wars could be stopped forever, just like the frozen bullets.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

There are almost 12000 visitors within the one-day exhibition, 98% of them indicated that they would remember Sept 21st as the Peace Day. Over 160 websites and social media quoted this event, which makes the number of total audiences reach about 1.28 million people in China. After the exhibition tour, the installation was collected and exhibited by Himalaya Art Center.


Name Company Position
Rico Zhang Hans Films Filmcutter
Nicholas Siau Photographer
Lim Kok Keat D.i.solution Retoucher
Lyon Liao Shineworks Art Director
Jack Xuan Shineworks Art Director
Sam San Shineworks Copywriter
Koko Huang Shineworks Creative Director