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CategoryA06. Self Promotion
EntrantJWT Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Entrant Company JWT Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Advertising Agency JWT Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

Brief Explanation

Our target audience was clear. Patrons in the restaurant adjacent to the agency, existing and new clients. We had the architects install a 4.5 metre long, double-sided glass cabinet into the boardroom. The work had to be transparent, letting light through the boardroom and into the agency offices. Additionally, it needed to be a beacon at night to the patrons in the adjacent restaurant.

The Brief

With self-promotion, being your own client can be the hardest thing. Rather than shout about what you can do, it’s often better to simply do it. The agency had just moved to new offices and had a new range of talent come on board, able to create work beyond traditional advertising forms. The agency needed to promote these new creative and design abilities to new and potential clients.

How the final design was conceived

At our agency we often think of the creative process like a jam. The Luphonium diorama installation is a metaphor for this process, with lots of people joining in to play this giant instrument, harnessing inspiration and converting it into joyous output. We chose translucent Perspex for the diorama of the Luphonium, letting light through the space and illuminating when lit by LED lights set inside. The programmed lightshows are controlled by an iPhone App, people can download and play with.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The Luphonium has been featured in numerous interior design magazines and enjoys a regular stream of tour parties of curious diners from the restaurant. Moreover, and significantly, apon seeing this installation, a new client recently commissioned a large work for the atrium of their head office. Making this self-promoting art, pay for itself.


Name Company Position
Alec Cutting Innovations Production
Omni Graphics Printing
Angus Muir Lighting
Robin Rawstorne Rawstorne Studio Production
Daniel Blanshard Production
Darryn Warhaft Jwt Creative Services Director
Glenn Chapman Jwt Designer
Cleve Cameron Jwt Executive Director