Product / ServiceNIKE+
CategoryA09. Environmental Design
Entrant Company AKQA London, UNITED KINGDOM
Advertising Agency AKQA London, UNITED KINGDOM

Brief Explanation

Because the products weren't available yet in Japan, they hadn't been promoted with any marketing. So we couldn't expect consumers to be excited about the products – let alone want to try them. Our objective was to create a compelling product experience that would attract consumers in its own right.

The Brief

In 2012 Nike+ launched its most innovative digital products to date, adding Nike+ FuelBand, Nike+ Training and Nike+ Basketball to the original Nike+ Running. Our brief was to get Japanese consumers to experience them all before they came to market.

How the final design was conceived

So we created the UGOKIDASE Station in central Tokyo. The pop-up arcade for the everyday athlete was open throughout the 2012 Olympics. Players could compete with friends in five unique games, each powered by Nike+. Their results fed live into global leader boards, testing performance like never before. Since the 70s – when Space Invaders caused a national shortage of 100 Yen coins – Japan has been obsessed with gaming. We took our inspiration from this national pastime to create the UGOKIDASE Station – an arcade for the everyday athlete.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Thousands of players came to UGOKIDASE during the two weeks it was open, playing for an average of 18 minutes on site and running around Harajuku with Nike+ for an average of 48 minutes. The global competition helped open up a completely new, younger audience for Nike+, with a record 4.2 million new users joining the community in just two weeks.


Name Company Position
Amana Production Company
Taiyokikaku Production Company
Root Production Company
Rhizomatiks Production Company
Neil Gurr Akqa Senior Designer
Max Chanan Akqa Associate Creative Director
Gareth Nettleton Akqa Group Account Director
Lauren Ivory Akqa Associate Project Manager
Ross Winterflood Akqa Account Director
Daniela Michelon Akqa Executive Producer
Guy Bingley Akqa Senior Copywriter
Nick Bastian Akqa Art Director
Masaya Nakade Akqa Creative Director
Duan Evans Akqa Executive Creative Director