Product / ServiceAYATAKA
CategoryA01. Corporate Identity Schemes
Entrant Company OGILVY & MATHER JAPAN Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency OGILVY & MATHER JAPAN Tokyo, JAPAN

Brief Explanation

Against this backdrop, Coca-Cola wanted to inspire their Agency creative team, third party vendors, and other agencies that worked on the brand by providing them with a unique set of brand guidelines. Rather than developing the stock standard PDF file, we developed a beautifully designed box containing a hand printed document on special washi (Japanese paper) that has the entire Ayataka story (including the guidelines).

The Brief

Ayataka is a famous green tea with a devoted following of consumers of all ages. It is uniquely Japanese, known for its historic packaging, pure ingredients and smooth flavor. However, despite its distinct positioning, Japan's beverage market is extremely large with dozens of green team competitors fighting for visibility, shelf space and sales growth. For Japanese Green tea brands to succeed, they need to stand out from their competitors.

How the final design was conceived

When the vendors needed to use the guidelines they were required to take them out of the box, un-scroll the contents, and find the information they were looking for all the while being inspired by the craftsmanship and tradition of the Ayataka brand. This simple and intentional approach, sparked the partners to develop similarly inspiring communications materials that were in keeping with the brand essence.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

All communication outputs about Ayataka rolled out on the market were created on the basis of this guidelines. The sales increased by making the communication more efficient.


Name Company Position
David Morgan Ogilvy Action Japan Executive Creative Director
Takehiro Yasuda Ogilvy/Mather Japan Group Account Director
Chie Kayatama Ogilvy/Mather Japan Art Director
Kosuke Hashijima Ogilvy/Mather Japan Creative Director