CategoryA08. Broadcast Design and Graphics & Digital Design
EntrantIMG SRC Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company IMG SRC Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency IMG SRC Tokyo, JAPAN

Brief Explanation

Proposing a new method of advertising for the brand by adopting a fashion magazine concept while maintaining a subjective outlook of conveying information to users. Another challenge was to introduce a unique smartphone and pc user experience to the target market.

The Brief

Build a campaign website for the UNIQLO "Designers Invitation Project", a collaboration between top fashion designers and the brand's high quality clothing. Survey how digitally promoting the brand's range of exclusively designed pieces would be received among the target market of fashion conscious women in their 20's.

How the final design was conceived

We created this website as an interactive web magazine. By adding horizontal-vertical page transition features, users could freely navigate the site from any position as if browsing through the pages of a magazine. The cinemagraph technique was also used to create effects of moving elements in still images. Users were engaged by actions like clicking and tapping, which made the images of the models on the site move across the screen to switch into different outfits. We strived to design a user-friendly UI that would transcend the conventional web magazine experience even for people who were unfamiliar with digital technology.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The site created a buzz and was highlighted on fashion, graphic design, and IT websites. “UNIQLO MARCHÉ”, the brand's concept store in Printemps, Ginza, and other UNIQLO outlets nationwide also used the site on their in-store digital signage.


Name Company Position
Teruo Nakanishi Img Src/Inc. Sound
Sachiko Hiraoka Img Src/Inc. Design Assistant
Yuki Matsushita Img Src/Inc. Design Assistant
Satoshi Takano Img Src/Inc. Html Engineer
Aya Tominaga Img Src/Inc. Html Engineer
Emiko Nozawa Img Src/Inc. Designer
Yu Aoki Img Src/Inc. Project Manager
Sakiko Ogawa Img Src/Inc. Project Manager
Hiroaki Kitamura Img Src/Inc. Technical Director
Tadahiro Gunji Non-Grid Art Director
Hiroyuki Kojima Basefive Producer
Hiroshi Koike Img Src/Inc. Planner
Yoshitsugu Nagasaki Paragraph Creative Director
Sumika Watanabe Uniqlo Co./Ltd. Planner
Kanako Nakada Uniqlo Co./Ltd. Planner
Shuhei Eguchi Uniqlo Co./Ltd. Planner
Yusuke Komatsu Uniqlo Co./Ltd. Planner