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Entrant Company ADK JAPAN Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency ADK JAPAN Tokyo, JAPAN

Brief Explanation

The aim was to create high-quality art themed on fish farming, and turn art fans into Nanyo fish farming fans, who will also become Nanyo fish farming evangelists. This was based on our finding that there is a tendency for art fans to enthusiastically post recommendations using social media.

The Brief

The Nanyo region of Ehime Prefecture is Japan’s largest domestic aquaculture area. But the standard of living of those relying on fish farming was not improving. This was because of the general perception in Japan, that farmed fish has lower value in comparison to wild fish. The aquaculture industry in the Nanyo region established its own farming environment standards and has been raising fish in favourable environment close to nature. They attempted to convey these facts by holding symposiums to the distribution trade and by spending large PR budgets but had not been successful in becoming a distinctive recognised brand.

How the final design was conceived

Two, young up-and-coming photographers active in the field of art photography were invited to create artistic photography on fish farming in Nanyo. The two lived in Nanyo for several months photographing local aquaculture. Everything relating to Nanyo fish farming became a subject: the people who raise the fish, the sea, and the fish that are produced. The completed work was exhibited in several locations. Ultimately they were published as a Nanyo ART Project photographic collection and sold nationwide. To convey the concept of a photographic collection by two photographers in one book, the book featured two front covers.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The published collection of photographs was ranked 2nd among Amazon photographic collections and was sold out from online and Tokyo metropolitan bookshops. The result was that fish farming in this particular region, which had previously attracted no attention, achieved 165,000 Google hits and was positively disseminated via social media. The practically unknown aquaculture industry of Nanyo in Ehime Prefecture was covered in special travel features in magazines. Publicity worth approximately 100 million yen in advertising was generated and lead to a higher brand value for Nanyo region farmed fish.


Name Company Position
Kaoru Mutsuura/Shoutaro Nieda Planner
Mayumi Uchida Art Coordinator
Masashi Asada/Seiji Shibuya Cameraman
Tsutomu Nezu Adk Agency Producer
Tetsufumi Takei Adk Designer
Junichi Tanaka Adk Copywriter
Tetsufumi Takei Adk Art Director
Junichi Tanaka Adk Creative Director