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Product / ServiceHAKUSHU
CategoryA02. Posters
Entrant Company TOKYU AGENCY Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency TOKYU AGENCY Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Hideo Kato Suntory Creative Director
Kiyoshi Omori Suntory Creative Director
Nobutoshi Takada Tokyu Agency Creative Director
Shuji Fujimoto Tokyu Agency Creative Director
Yukari Oka Suntory Creative Producer
Shizuka Masuno Suntory Creative Producer
Satoshi Nakazato Tokyu Agency Copy Writer
Tatsuki Ikezawa Tokyu Agency Art Director
Junichi Kurakake Nihon University Carving
Takahiro Kujime Tokyu Agency Account Superviser
Yukiko Nishimura Tide Inc. Designer
Tetsuro Jozaki Tide Inc. Designer
Takumi Watanabe Tide Inc. Designer
Takashi Suzuki Vda Photographer
Takuro Ogawa Vda Photographer Assistant
Keigo Masaki RIZING Photo Retouch
Shinji Sato RIZING Photo Retouch
Riku Sakamoto wonderactive Producer
Kenji Sugita wonderactive Production Manager
wonderactive inc.,Tokyo Production Company, City
Junichi Kurakake Carver

Brief Explanation

In the same way that Hakushu’s feature as a product is 『A whisky made by both man and the forest』, we have also created an advertisement from both the hands of men and from the forest. Firstly, we secured a red pine tree of over 100 years old from Hakushu. Taking the utmost care, we then carved by hand into the tree, stroke by stroke, a huge wood carving of Hakushu forest, 2 meters high by 3 meters wide.

The Brief

「Hakushu」, the single malt whisky that represents Japan. The distillery from which「Hakushu」is created, is situated within a magnificent forest, blessed with clear air and pure waters. To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the opening of the distillery, this advertisement conveys the appeal of the whisky「Hakushu」 in a manner that has not been seen before.

How the final design was conceived

Within this carving there is depicted an image of the magnificent forest, together with the animals that live in Hakushu and the image of 「Hakushu」 single malt whisky. By making the advertisement in the same concept as the product, we aimed to convey in an appealing way the characteristics that embody Hakushu.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Together with rolling this out as a newspaper and transport advertisement, the completed work is on display for the public at the Hakushu distillery. We adapted the story to film for TV and online audiences. We have also had inquiries and other interest from people who have seen the advertisement, and together with increasing the level of attention for Hakushu, we have also succeeded in building up the brand’s value. Additionally, the originality of the method and high quality of the design has been highly praised and we have received various advertising awards domestically.