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Brief Explanation

The greatest challenge here was to stay away from clever headlines that have an ominous tone and repeat what has already been said a thousand times. People who drink under the influence of alcohol are well aware of the dangers but most anti-drunk driving ads fail to capture their attention. They've almost become a blind spot.

The Brief

Shalom, a reputed lounge bar in Delhi, wanted to warn people about the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol during the festive season in December 2012. While much has been said and done on this topic, Shalom wanted to say it in a surprising new way that compels pub-goers to think.

How the final design was conceived

We decided to create arresting visual imagery that's hard to ignore. We wanted to base our design on a symbolic element of drunken driving - shattered pieces of glass bottles - symbolic of shattered lives. The idea was to create motor vehicles out of these pieces, almost as if they were a sign of the impending danger of drunken driving.The vehicles were painstakingly created from broken pieces of alcohol bottles placed over 3Dwireframes. These bottle pieces and labels were photographed separately and composited on to the image.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

There was a measurable response device built into the posters so we could track the success of the campaign. Guests were requested to ask the manager for a cab booking. Over 20 days of the Christmas and New Year's festive season, Shalom got an average of 80 cab requests per night.


Name Company Position
Dhiraj Arora Mahima Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. Director
Ankita Kedia Bbdo India Account Manager
Anshul Dabral Myoo Illustrator
Puneeta Shukl Rai Puneeta Shukl Rai Studios Photographer
Gurdev Singh Bbdo India Group Head
Arjuna Gaur Bbdo India Creative Director
Anunay Rai Bbdo India Creative Director
Sandipan Bhattacharyya Bbdo India Executive Creative Director
Josy Paul Bbdo India Chief Creative Officer