Product / ServiceMCDOWELL'S NO.1
CategoryA09. Best use or integration of digital or social media
Entrant Company DDB MUDRA GROUP Mumbai, INDIA
Contributing Company DDB MUDRA GROUP Mumbai, INDIA
Contributing Company 2 ROARS TECHNOLOGIES Ahmedabad, INDIA

The Campaign

McDowell’s No.1 is India's second largest whiskey brand, and among the oldest. While the dads swear by it, the next generation has far too many options to choose from. To make things worse, alcohol advertising is prohibited in India. As a result alcohol brands focus on building brand awareness and relevance instead of showcasing their products. McDowell's No.1’s long-running campaign “The sprit of friendship” (translated) celebrates the things friends do for each other. Our challenge was to make it relevant and more engaging for this particular audience, while keeping the restrictions in mind. So we ditched TV, and reached them at a time when they could really, really use a drink – while getting bored in office.


BossPatrol is a downloadable app lets you save your friends from trouble. It lets you choose a secret phrase (Like "Damn", "What's the time?", etc.) and then add your colleagues to the group. If you spot your boss approaching, while your colleagues are wasting time on the internet, all you have to do is speak out the secret phrase. BossPatrol picks it up through the microphone, connects with your friends' computers and instantly opens up safe windows on all their computers (presentations, spreadsheets, etc.), just in time. And your boss will never get to know what they were up to. We created an app, a website, and a promo video. And bored employees did the rest.

Everyone likes to take a break at work every now and then - with youtube videos, online games, Facebook, blogs, and so on. But what do you do when your boss walks past your computer and catches you in the act? You may not see your boss coming, but your friends just might. Instead of running another commercial about camaraderie and the "spirit of friendship", we decided to let them experience it first-hand. McDowell's No.1's Boss Patrol encouraged friends to look out for each other, every day.

In just one week, it has already become one of the most talked-about campaigns in the region, with features in over 90 major websites and publications and 11 pages of Google search results. On Twitter alone, the campaign earned 2.1 million impressions in the first week. BossPatrol was also shared extensively on Facebook, Google+ and other social networking websites, drawing over 150,000 users. All this, with $0 spent on promotions. But the icing on the cake is what people are saying about the 45-year-old whiskey brand


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Ganesh Pawal Film – Editor
Chandana Bannikoppa Film – Editor
Roars Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Roars Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Digital Agency
Preeti Verma Ddb Mudra Group/Mumbai Art Director
Karunasagar Sridharan Ddb Mudra Group/Mumbai Copywriter
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