Product / ServiceIGNITUS3
CategoryA02. Best Non-Fiction Program, Series or Film where a client has successfully created a reality, documentary or light entertainment show around a product(s) or brand(s)
Contributing Company THE DIRECTORS ALLIANCE Tokyo, JAPAN

The Campaign

This film is broadcast on YouTube, client website and sports shop display TVs. Most of audiences find this through client website or key word "Keisuke Honda" via search engine like Google search. Once FIFA Japanese team made winner at Saitama Stadium on June 4th, every soccer fan rush to visit Mizuno website to try to see what is IGNITUS3 is and following to YouTube site to see this branded contents. Even all major TV stations following these link to cover this branded contents. TATEKAITEN became very hot word at a night and exploded number of pre-order of the product.


Project of product started in 2010 and video crew just started follow this whole project. Every single step of this project covered by camera all the time and explain everything in video as real documentary. Challenge was how we can capture all the moment of development of product. We were sending video camera all the time when client and Keisuke Honda meet somewhere. Just captured everything happen even it is not visually eye catchy. Finally we had 200 hours tapes and materials, and still shooting going on. Product is still in prototype. Keisuke is still making order to change little by little to fit for his goal. We were follow 2 years until Dec 19th 2013 at Saitama Stadium when Keisuke try first finished model of product. Mizuno is not great comapny to communicate with customer in multimedia but great company to communicate with customer through product. We focused on craftsmanship of Mizuno product. Craftsman in the company concentrate to produce great product all the time even they don't sleep. It is brad of Mizuno. We capture and combine together between Keisuke Honda and craftsman in the video as entertainment branded contents as real documentary film. This way, no one need act and make it beautiful. they are just be their as them self and it is already beautiful as real people. We were success to capture the many important and emotional moment. Finally Keisuke Honda made TATEKAITEN shoot at Saitama stadium on June 4th FIFA world cup final Japan vs Australia was biggest gift for this project.

right after the game of FIFA world cup at Saitama Stadium on June 4th, everyone exploded impressed TATEKAITEN shoot by Keisuke Honda. TATEKAITEN created by Keisuke Honda and Muzino development team. Audience rush to view this branded contents on line and now at Mizuno sports shops.

Once we open the information, specially the word "TATEKAITEN" in the public on May 31st, this word "TATEKAITEN" exploded media included news paper, internet news, radio, TV shows and TV news. All media, covered word "TATEKAITEN" as new secret weapon by Keisuke Honda for world cup game on June 4th against Australia. Many of TV show talked about what is exactly "TATEKAITEN" is with this branded content footages. Client website start accept pre order of product and it became sold out even it is start delivery in few month. June 4th, TV reporter in the game report using word "TATEKAITEN" all the time as expected new secret weapon. 50,000 audience in stadium excited "TATEKAITEN". When Keisuke Honda made winning point with his free kick, TV viewing rate raised up to 45.3% which is highest viewing rate in 2013 in all TV station, because his shoot "TATEKAITEN" is expected and he made it to made Japan team official winner in Asia region sinner of FIFA world cup 2014 Brazil.


Name Company Position
Taku Omoto Mizuno Corporation Cast
Satoshi Miyamoto Mizuno Corporation Cast
Keisuke Honda Honda Estilo Cast
Paul Yang Rainshine Productions Cameraman
Ray Thomas Rainshine Productions Director
Nick Uemura The Directors Alliance Producer