CategoryA04. Best Use or Integration of User-Generated Content
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The Campaign

In India, we are in a ecosphere today where brands constantly interact with media content. This interaction is most of the times planned and pleasant. Sponsorships, Storyline integration with TV Serials, Films, Exposures in Cricket, in Music Videos are examples of Brands breaking out of Ad-breaks and traditional ad forms and invading Content and editorial areas! Evaluation of such options within TV Sponsorships and Branded Entertainment has always been a contentious issue In a market, which has 200+ channels, TV Sponsorships have become a much abused term. With some channels desperate to crack a deal with the clients despite the low viewership numbers, Sponsorships become a way to lure clients. Increasingly, clients are getting hostile since they know that right ideas need to be pushed on the right medium. A lot of time gets wasted on large ideas on small channels finally not delivering the bang for the brand! The reverse case of small ideas on large channels is also a bother since it’s a classic case of missed opportunities. A little effort here could have taken the brand scores up and provided more noticeability to the idea in question.


The freshness segment of oral care is synonymous with youth and was witnessing increased competitive heat. Colgate MaxFresh was fighting a preference share battle with the category leader and had to step up engagement with its core franchise, i.e. youth to re-establish itself. We knew our target is a highly social lot, thanks to which they are not shy about expressing themselves. They feel compelled to post, comment, like and share - these things shape their very personality. When it comes to social interaction, social media and real life overlap almost entirely – as if they are in two parallel universes at the same time. They view social media as a megaphone that had the potential to turning them into mini celebrities. This scenario triggered off our idea. Why could we not give this attention & fame-seeking audience what they want? For the first time ever, we ran a talent hunt (singing and dancing) entirely on Facebook. Given their status as a youth centric brand, we partnered with MTV. We also got three youth icons on board – Bollywood music sensation Amit Trivedi, leading choreographer Remo D'Souza and popular VJ, RJ & presenter on MTV Nikhil Chinapa. Thus was born, Are U Fresh Enuf - the World's first talent hunt reality show to be run entirely on social media. Entries were invited via the Colgate MaxFresh Facebook platform. These entries were in the form of self shot dancing and singing videos and provided a massive archive of crowd-sourced content. Social acknowledgement by way of votes for videos was made the filtering criterion. Shortlisted entries were invited to attend workshops with D'Souza and Trivedi. The final winners got a chance to work under the tutelage of Remo and Amit on real life projects!

Initially, audience were drawn to the platform through marketplace adverts, however as time progressed, the activity spread like a forest fire organically and virally. Be it in reaching the youth, engaging them with exciting content, driving participation, driving interaction, driving conversations or creating brand advocacy, the role of the catalyst was being played by huge archive of user generated content which in turn generated massive word of mouth. It was user generated content which was being consumed and spread by users, making the program truly social.

The program leveraged all attributes of social media and spread like a forest fire, be it in reaching the youth, engaging them with exciting content, driving participation, driving interaction, driving conversations or creating brand advocacy. No milestone was untouched. • Brand Advocacy as high as 94% among youth who were touched upon by the campaign (Source: TNS Study) • Purchase Intent for Colgate MaxFresh as high as 90% among them (Source: TNS Study) • Moreover, retained usership of Colgate MaxFresh went up to 77% (Source: TNS Study) • Over 248 Million social impressions • Over 62.6 Million reached • About 1.1 million conversations around the content • Over 570,000 engaged in dancing phase and 772,000 engaged in singing phase • Over 3,700 videos received • Added almost 1 Million fans to the Colgate MaxFresh Facebook page during the activity • MaxFresh featured among the fastest growing Facebook Fan Pages in India (2nd among FMCG category, 5th across all categories, Source: Social bakers, Feb 2013) • Colgate was recognized as the most social organization (Source: Blueocean Market Intelligence’s Report for Security and Exchange Board of India)


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