CategoryA02. Best Non-Fiction Program, Series or Film where a client has successfully created a reality, documentary or light entertainment show around a product(s) or brand(s)
Entrant Company MINDSHARE VIETNAM Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM

The Campaign

TV is the key source of entertainment for people in rural Vietnam. However the channels are government owned and subject to heavy security and restrictions in terms of content slotted on the channel. National channels have just started opening up to international formats, which too is restricted to talent/reality shows. However the only popular channel in south rural Vietnam, Vinh Long is least innovative in programming and still very restricted to series and charity programs – mainly dubbed versions from China & Hong Kong. Brand owned content is almost non-existent and considered as a huge risk by advertisers given the tight scrutiny by the governing authorities. Also for Hazeline – a beauty brand targeting lower income women there was the barrier of local societal norms that women should not be exposed in the public and they should not participate in beauty pageants/shows creating an exhibition of beauty etc. Keeping the above challenges in mind, we created a content which focused on celebrating the rural women and building their confidence everyday. Through this we managed to adhere to the local norms as well as gain acceptance from the regional channel to up its prime time slots for a brand owned content around beauty.


Hazeline, a value brand, was tasked with recruitment of women to accelerate Unilever’s growth in the Skin Care category, with Mekong Delta being the biggest region and so the key focus. The challenge was that the consumers (low income group women), regarded investment in beauty products as a selfish need and thus a waste of hard earned family money. A silver lining within this challenge was the insight that these women did consider staying pretty as an important factor required to impress their husbands and keep happiness within their marriage. However they lacked guidance on a practical and affordable solution to achieve the same. Dearth of content catering to this need was a good opportunity for us to get Hazeline to interact & engage with and befriend this value-conscious consumer. Thus, an all-new beauty show that features practical beauty tips while building Hazeline’s relevance was conceptualized. Given the stringent outlook of the region towards public exposure of local woman and averseness to participation in beauty related shows, the concept had to be carefully crafted to ensure that the local sentiments were safeguarded. We made the local women the star of the show and celebrated their confidence and need to be perfect. In partnership with the local women’s associations, we organized on-ground events to conduct audition. The clout and credibility of the women’s associations guaranteed traffic for participation. The content showcased practical beauty tips through a make-over of a featured Mekong Delta wife. Including their partners within the show added the much needed drama and emotional connect along with making it more socially acceptable. To sustain the excitement around the show, we enlisted some celebrities to give their personal yet practical beauty tips. Hazeline’s benefit of “natural” and skin whitening were seamlessly integrated within the program and helped build brand value.

We crafted an ideal concept that was socially acceptable and also capable of bringing alive the brand relevance. This enabled us to negotiate and secure a primetime slot. Additionally, we did multi-level consumer engagement activities to drive participation and viewership. An integrated marketing effort in rural areas involving road shows, loudspeaker announcements, on-ground activations in public areas & call for entry trailers generated word of mouth for the show. Partnerships with the Women’s Association lend credibility to the content and encouraged participation. Call for watch trailers & voting mechanism inside the show ensured interaction with the audience enhancing viewership further

• 60% growth in value shares in Rural Mekong Delta • Exceeded target in value share by +14% in Rural Mekong Delta • 22% increase in “makes your skin fairer and lighter” attribute score • 55% increase in “makes your skin soft and smooth” attribute score • 26% increase in spontaneous awareness • 121% return on investment • 2nd top rating program on VL channel with a TVR of 25% • 446 contestants from 13 provinces


Name Company Position
Nhu Dang Unilever Brand Manager
Duc Tran Mindshare Executive
Chau Do Mindshare Manager
Lan Nguyen Mindshare Director
Tan Nguyen Mindshare Director
Minh Thai Mindshare Senior Manager
Anh Trinh Mindshare Executive
Pravin Shetty Mindshare Partner
Roopa Dhawan Mindshare Leader