CategoryA08. Best Use or Integration of Gaming
Contributing Company BEACON/LEO BURNETT Tokyo, JAPAN
Contributing Company 3 BIRDMAN Tokyo, JAPAN
Contributing Company 2 WOLK Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company AMANACREATIVE Tokyo, JAPAN

The Campaign

Consumers spend less time watching TVCM as they tend to record TV programs, and due to the change of environment such as diversification of viewing channels centering on smartphones, the distance between consumers and advertisements is widening. Advertisers have started to shift their activities to produce and provide consumers with more attractive contents, based on the review on their previous works. However, there are a number of companies engaged in such activities, and each of them is struggling to create attractive contents. In the end, advertiser(s) providing highly popular incentives with a large budget have long been the only winner(s).


It's a pretty universal truth that Children don't like vegetables. Ebara sauce needed to engage a new generation of moms to be aware that Ebara’s sauce can make vegetables more palatable because it removes bitterness from the vegetables. Our Strategy was to create a new kind experience for kids and parents that can change kids’ “suffering” image towards vegetables by using Kids’ biggest fun, “playing games”. We made a game “FUNFAIR IN YOUR MOUTH” where eating vegetables became natural and fun. You just use your mouth to control this game, not the PC mouse. Chomping through virtual vegetables, kids drive jet planes or rollercoasters. Of course we knew we couldn't stop there, we had to get them eating real vegetables. To play the next stage of the game, kids had to ask their mum for any real vegetables. They then show the vegetable to the website as proof. The site recognizes the color of your vegetable. And with each bite sends off a colorful firework blast on the screen and the child's virtual world.

We chose “game”, kids’ favorite activity, as the main content. By creating a game that anyone can easily play just using their “mouth” on WebCam-equipped PC, we provided kids with surprising experience that they’d never had before.

With over 2,500,000 virtual vegetables and 25,000 real vegetables registered on the site plus Ebara sales was increased +130%. It is hard to say if we changed kids’ minds about vegetables, but mums are realizing the uniqueness of Ebara Sauces.


Name Company Position
Kangarou Suzuki/Motokazu Ono Sound Designer
Choei Torii Beacon Communications K.k. Digital Strategist
Junichi Arakawa/Yuya Murata Birdman Inc. Cg Designer
Masaya Fukui Amana Inc. Cg Designer
Ippei Ishihara/Sakiko Ohno Hue. Inc. Photographer
Tohru Ogane Designer
Kazuhiro Hamakawa Beacon Communications K.k. Designer
Yoshihiko Abe/Azusa Tanaka/Gabriel Shiguemoto Birdman Inc. Designer
Takuro Ito/Maho Okamoto Birdman Inc. Project Manager
Kosei Motoyoshi Birdman Inc. Programmer
Kazumasa Tsukamoto Wolk Inc. Flash Developer
Yuji Tamayama/Kenshiro Nakashima/Shin Jeongsoon Birdman Inc. Flash Developer
Yuta Sato/Shintaro Yoshii Amana Inc. Producer
Roy Ryo Tsukiji/Junya Hoshikawa Birdman Inc. Interactive Art Director
Yongbom Seo Beacon Communications K.k. Accont Planner
Tomohiko Nakano Beacon Communications K.k. Copywriter
Nobuaki Arikata Birdman Inc. Technical Director
Tomonori Oki Beacon Communications K.k. Technical Director
Jun Oizumi Beacon Communications K.k. Art Director
Kohei Kawasaki Beacon Communications K.k. Creative Director