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The Campaign

The migration from TV viewing to online video and entertainment in China is well documented, particularly with audiences aged between 15 - 35. The past two years has seen China's smartphone market explode, hitting 380 million smartphone users in first half of 2013. This is causing a dramatic shift in how people access the internet, with mobile internet users making up 72.7% of the total online population. Mobile users are also younger, with 80% under 30 and their mobile / smartphone becoming their primary device for entertainment (76% vs 24% other media channels). Understanding the changing content environment enabled Clear Anti-Dandruff Shampoo to leverage the growth in mobile entertainment to connect with Chinese Males aged between 18 - 35 through the development of China's first sport fantasy mobile game.


Chinese men are passionate about sport. This is especially true for China’s F1 fans. Combining this passion with their sponsorship of the Lotus F1 team, Clear Anti-Dandruff Shampoo launched China’s first sport fantasy mobile game in 2013. The Clear F1 Fantasy Champion Mobile App formed an important part of the brand’s strategy for 2013, enabling the brand to intimately connect its F1 sponsorship with Chinese’s fans passion, while fueling awareness and engagement with males to accelerate Clear’s business growth in China. In creating China's first sport fantasy game – the 2013 Clear F1 Fantasy Champion Mobile App uses innovative and immersive gameplay to meet our passionate fans preference for more mobile entertainment and innate preference for social vs. individual gaming by letting players: Create an F1 team. Invite and challenge friends to join. Race against teams, track points, earn badges, rewards and share their results across social platforms in real time during the race. Available for download via Android and IOS App Stores, mobile banners and direct download QR codes embedded in display ads on the Clear’s F1 Channel on Sina Sports (#1 sports portal) and Weibo Page (China’s Twitter).

Clear is the sponsor of the Lotus F1 team and used this to forge a closer connection China's passionate male sports fans. Partnering with the number one sports news portal, Sina, Clear took over their F1 Channel, using it as a platform to engage our audience in the mobile app. Using QR code embedded display, and mobile display, our F1 fans could download the app directly and create their own F1 Fantasy Team. By selecting drivers and manufacturers players could create the ultimate F1 team, competing in a virtual F1 Championship.

Half way through the 2013 F1 Championship, Clear’s F1 Fantasy Champion Mobile App has positively impacted awareness, engagement and Clear’s male business. REACH: 399,000 Active Users 46,000 Registered F1 Fantasy Teams, 12% of the total number of men who regularly watch F1. (Source: CNRS Male 18-35 Sport Watched Is F1). No 1 Sports App In China seven weeks after launch ENGAGEMENT: 1.1 million sessions launch by July 2013. Average 2.7 sessions per week vs. 1.9 session per week benchmark for sport games / apps in China. More than 60% revisits Click through rate of 2% vs. industry average of 1%. 75,000 experience badges earned 55,000 In game awards received by players ALL BUSINESS RESULTS CONFIDENTIAL & NFP BRAND EQUITY: +22 “Clear effective against dandruff” +6% “Clear leaves me feeling clean & fresh”. Overtaking Head & Shoulders for the first time. +10% “Clear understand men’s needs”, a 14 pt. lead vs. Head & Shoulders +9% “Clear is a cool & edgy brand ” AWARENESS: +22% online / mobile contribution to awareness +15% Unaided Brand Awareness BRAND SHARE: + 8% (Jan – Jun 13) vs. Head & Shoulders losing share. +28% YTD growth vs 9.6% category growth. All Figures: Nielsen Retail Audit


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Denise Ng Inmobi Strategy Account Director
Amanda Zhou Inmobil Brand Sales Director
Carl Lan Fugu Mobile Business Director
Ranjit Singh Fugu Mobile Ceo
Rachel Chen Phd Digital Planner
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Zoey Lin Phd Digital Director