Product / ServiceDOCOMO D-VIDEO
CategoryA02. Best Non-Fiction Program, Series or Film where a client has successfully created a reality, documentary or light entertainment show around a product(s) or brand(s)
EntrantMORI Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company MORI Tokyo, JAPAN
Contributing Company MORI Tokyo, JAPAN
Contributing Company 2 DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Contributing Company 3 MORIMORI Tokyo, JAPAN

The Campaign

In Japan, Branded Entertainment is not as popular as in the western countries. Currently only a handful of big brands sponsor couple of TV programs.


Our client is d-Video, a Japanese Video On Demand service for smartphones. Since its launch in 2011, d-Video has attracted over 5 million users.  However, not all of the users are fully enjoying all the functions that this service offers and our mission was to create a video manual explaining fully how to use the service. Our key objective was to inform people about d-Video's services in an non linear way. The strategy was simple - to show them things that fascinate them and blow their mind by surprising them. Also no one really expects a manual like the one we have created so it is like a surprise to see it in this context. We thought this would also make them share it with friends which would also increase brand love. The execution was very tricky as we used two big projectors to form a mobile phone on which the performer jumps, and each time he lands, it is like pressing a button on the phone so the screen changes. In order to make it happen we created a device that automatically detected the movement of the performer and triggered the system to change the screen. 

Usually a video manual is boring and monotonous as there is no incentive to go through them whatsoever. Our solution was to invite a tumbling champion from USA and use his skills to entertain the audience. Tumbling as a sport is not so famous but is very interesting to watch and is gaining popularity. Though his dynamic performance, we've managed to turn the usual product demo manual into an acrobatic action film while educating the viewers about the product.

The video has just launched, yet it has already started to create a buzz on social media as " the world's most acrobatic video manual".


Name Company Position
Brandon Mccuien Cast
Birdman Production Designer/Art director
Steve Rodrigues Cutters Tokyo Colorist
Chikaomi Miyamoto Action Advisor
Shinichi Mita Kiki Stylist
Nobuyuki Shintani Prism Projection
Masato Tsutsui Technical Director
Great Garbo Music Music
Ryan Mcguire/Yusaku Yasuda Cutters Tokyo Editor
Makoto Okuguchi Cameraman
Akiyoshi Irio Lighting
Kazuaki Seki  Triple-O
Satoshi Miyata Morimori Production Manager
Mitsuru Yamamori Morimori Producer
Yasuaki Misonou Dentsu Account Manager
Masahiko Tan Avex Entertainment Inc. Advertiser's Supervisor
Isao Takahashi Dentsu Account Supervisor
Misato Tachibana Mori Agency Producer
Jun Nishida Drill Art Director
Morihiro Harano Mori Creative Director