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Product / ServiceCOCA-COLA
CategoryA05. Best Use or Integration of Experiential Events
Contributing Company 2 LEO BURNETT CHICAGO, USA
Media Agency THE SUPERGROUP Atlanta, USA
Production Company HIGHLIGHT FILMS Mumbai, INDIA

The Campaign

Coca-Cola wanted let India and Pakistan put aside over 60 years of differences to bring to life the values of the brand’s new global strategy ‘Crazy for Good’ by sharing a moment of happiness via a live portal incorporated into 2 bespoke vending machines that we call ‘Small World Machines.’ Neither country had ever connected in such a way. In fact, due to political tension, internet traffic is regularly blocked between the 2 nations. Connecting them meant overcoming considerable obstacles, including blackouts and an internet speed of only 3.74 Mbp/s in Pakistan. Ultimately we commissioned our own connection, achieving the fastest connection Pakistan had ever seen (20+Mbp/s). The production company was also the first to ever work in both countries. Not to mention that we had to invent a range of completely new technologies to make it happen.


Drawing on Coca-Cola’s ‘Crazy for Good’ strategy, the campaign was based on the simple truth that a moment of happiness can bring the world closer together. So Coca-Cola sought to connect two countries that would never normally associate with each another: India and Pakistan. This posed considerable challenges. First and foremost, developing the world first technology needed for the experience took over 12 months. The principle challenge was to invent a new kind of screen – a full sized, touchscreen that could simultaneously project an image while filming a subject standing before it. For the first time ever a screen allowed eye-to-eye contact along with physical interaction. A flash animation interface was created, encouraging participants to share images of peace, love and happiness. Each participant was rewarded with a bespoke can of Coca-Cola that featured the languages of the 2 countries. Then the machines also had to overcome an internet blackout between the countries and inadequate bandwiths. Eventually, we managed to commission the fastest internet connection Pakistan had ever achieved. The experience was then turned into an internet film to be shared globally.

Audiences were drawn to the promotion via an online teaser featuring the building of the machines, promising that something special was coming to India and Pakistan. In addition we used social media and an outdoor poster campaign.

Over 600 people put aside their differences and interacted with the machines. Over 10,000 cans were claimed. Small World Machines were developed over 12 months, culminating in a live event in March 2013. They are ready to be deployed in other countries. Newer versions could access more than two countries at once, users choosing which country they stream. The number of countries could increase to as many as 6-8 at a time. The teaser film released in December 2012 gained immediate traction. Articles appeared in sources as varied as Fast Company, Co.Create, PSFK, The Economic Times and AdAge. The live activation began an intense wave of social media dialogue. Additional blog and news coverage spread as far as Japan, Spain, Brasil, Venezuela, Paraguay, Mexico, Russia and Germany. The final film launched in April 2013 will be accompanied by a global PR strategy covering every Coca-Cola market.


Name Company Position
Song Zu Song Zu Music Company
Highlight Films Highlight Films Production Company
The Super Group The Super Group Production Company
Angus Forbes Leo Burnett Sydney 2nd Unit Director
Patrick Fileti Leo Burnett Sydney Editor
Patrick Fileti Leo Burnett Sydney Director
Katie Nikolaus Leo Burnett Chicago Account Director
Bob Raidt Leo Burnett Chicago Account Supervisor
Stephen Clark Leo Burnett Chicago Producer
Adrian Gunadi Leo Burnett Sydney Executive Producer
Brendan Crich/Scott North/Keong Seet Leo Burnett Sydney/Chicago Creative Technologists
Chad Mirshak Leo Burnett Chicago Director - Creative Technology
Omari Miller/John-Henry Pajak/Dave Mugford Leo Burnett Chicago/Sydney Designers
Iggy Rodriguez Leo Burnett Sydney Copywriter
Justin Carew/Andy Dilallo Leo Burnett Sydney Art Director
Dave Loew/Jon Wyville Leo Burnett Chicago Creative Director
Grant Mcaloon/Vince Lagana Leo Burnett Sydney Creative Director
Andy Dilallo Leo Burnett Sydney Chief Creative Officer
Mark Tutssel Leo Burnett Chicago Global Chief Creative Officer
Sebastian Garin Creative Director