Product / ServiceGUMIGUUM
CategoryA02. Best Non-Fiction Program, Series or Film where a client has successfully created a reality, documentary or light entertainment show around a product(s) or brand(s)
Entrant Company HAKUHODO Osaka, JAPAN
Contributing Company HAKUHODO Osaka, JAPAN

The Campaign

SPACE AD. This is a new type of advertisement toward ETs in the universe. We tried to draw their attention by unique advertisement of UHA Mikauto’s new product, Gumi Guum, which releases stress by chewing. We assumed that we could attract ETs’ attention as they should have a great stress under severe environment. The president of UHA Mikakuto sent the message through the radio wave using space antenna, which is one of only six in the world. We created a campaign that only the first ET on Earth can win special prizes. We’re still waiting for the applicant from space.


We created a campaign which superficially made for ETs and not for humans. Our challenge was how to send our message to ETs. In order to send the ad to the universe, we came up with the idea of using the space antenna which is owned but the nation. We succeeded in borrowing their antenna, and therefore, we could finally send the message to the space. This unique approach appealed the human audiences and as a result, the campaign ended in a big success.

As the campaign has made for targeting ETs, the uniqueness of the approach drew the attention of human audiences.

GUMI GUUM has recorded a No.1 weekly sales in the category of gummy. And after the execution of the campaign, it exposed through over 80 media outlets and as a result, we achieved 180% of initial sales projection in the first three months.


Name Company Position
Fumiya Inada Tohokushinsha Film Corporation Production Manager
Sho Yamaguchi Jitto Cg
Takashi Fukushima Music
Fumihito Endo Jitto Editor
Yusuke Suga Free Photographer
Naomi Izumida Tohokushinsha Film Corporation Director
Ryohei Kawakita Tohokushinsha Film Corporation Director
Koji Joke Tohokushinsha Film Corporation Producer
Shogo yamashita Uha Mikakuto Advertiser's Superviser
Seiichi Sakamoto Jaxa Creative Superviser
Takeshi Oshii Hakuhodo Osaka Web Producer
Koji Hayakawa Hakuhodo Osaka Account Superviser
Tsubasa Yokota Hakuhodo Osaka Account Superviser
Hiromasa Fujita Hakuhodo Osaka Account Superviser
Naoki Konosu Hakuhodo Account Superviser
Yasumasa Yamada Uha Mikakuto Advertiser’s Superviser
Masaru Kitakaze Hakuhodo Creative Officer
Taro Umemura Hakuhodo Executive Creative Director
Takao Yanagi Hakuhodo Dy Media Partners Creative Director/Planner
Tomohiko Kawanishi Hakuhodo Osaka Creative Director/Planner