Gold Spike
CategoryA01. Best Fictional Program, Series or Film where a client has successfully created a drama, comedy or miniseries around a product or brand
Contributing Company JWT BANGKOK, THAILAND

The Campaign

Make-up can express or conceal anything, even gender. Ina culture that teaches polite behavior, respect and consideration, make-up is the one way in which most Thais can express how they really feel. The only other form of uncensored self-expression is found in Thai TV dramas where the stars can act out how most Thais really feel but that they themselves cannot show. The combination of these two forms of self-expression, make-up and drama, provided the platform for our dramatic Oriental Princess interactive online make-up tutorial series. Online is unrestricted compared to the strict cultural censorship imposed by the Thai censorship board who will reject any form of advertising or brand communication that shows anything that may be considered offensive. This even includes showing a person sitting on a table, as it may encourage rude, impolite and anarchistic behavior.


SUMMARY OF THE CAMPAIGN We avoided selling make-up sets as the brief required. Instead, we sold people their ideal choice of self-expression. 6 dramatic looks that demonstrated how beauty could be used to seduce, conceal a murderer or be used as a weapon. Because make-up tutorials can be incredibly boring, we created a 4-episode online melodrama with 6 interactive how-to-get-the-look video tutorials embedded into each story. While trying to uncover which of the 6 ladies killed the lead man, viewers could click an icon that appeared next to one of the seductive suspects to connect to the “Get the look VDO”. Each tutorial is shot like a behind the scene segment that demonstrates step-by-step how to achieve the look that could conceal a killer. The Oriental Princess range of make-up was used to deliver the perfect result. Prizes, discounts and demonstrations retained and grew audience participation with each successive episode.

We aired a nationwide preview on TV to draw the target audience to our interactive TV series. Online media and extensive use of banners added to the growing awareness. Online users also promoted the campaign as we created a share mechanism in each online episode whereby users’ answers to clues were automatically shared on their Facebook walls and updates for all their friends to see.

OUTCOME Make-up tutorials are no longer boring. Each tutorial was viewed over 250,000 times with an average of 4 minutes spent per video. That’s 360,000,000 minutes of viewing Oriental Princess make-up demonstrations OR the equivalent of 12,000,000 TV ads! Although Oriental Princess is Thailand’s largest home-grown beauty brand we could never have afforded this sort of mass penetration without the online medium that balanced entertainment and the product. A 40% sale increase in only 2 months demonstrated that branded entertainment not only achieved sales objectives, but in the future all our campaigns will move to the online sphere. This campaign was picked by the national Thai media, fashion and beauty bloggers across Asia and set a record sales growth in the cosmetic industry in Thailand.


Name Company Position
Apaiporn Srisook O.p. Natural Products Marketing Director
Pasana Intratip O.p. Natural Products Chief Executive Officer
Devise Media Devise Media Editing House
Rawat Vorarat The Film Factory Thailand Executive Producer
Chankij Chamnivikaipong The Film Factory Thailand Cinematographer
Wuthisak Anarnkaporn The Film Factory Thailand Film Director
Pimmard Leenutaphong Jwt Bangkok Account Supervisor
Supannapa Traitonwong Jwt Bangkok Account Manager
Saisoi Snidvongs/Chatree Chokmongkolsatian Jwt Bangkok/Jwt Connect Planners
Cholatit Wetchasilp Jwt Connect Multimedia Developer
Ronnatouch Pomee Jwt Connect Digital Technology
Ekalak Vorranartpankul/Asunit Larpchaloen Jwt Connect Interactive Designers
Jiroj Mechoojit Jwt Bangkok Agency Producer
Tay Guan Hin/Satit Jantawiwat/Damisa Ongsiriwattana/Nopparath Eksuwancharoen Jwt Bangkok Art Directors
Clinton Manson/Warunpon Trithepwijit Jwt Bangkok Copywriters
Damisa Ongsiriwattana Jwt Bangkok Creative Director
Tay Guan Hin/Satit Jantawiwat/Clinton Manson Jwt Bangkok Executive Creative Directors