CategoryA02. Best Non-Fiction Program, Series or Film where a client has successfully created a reality, documentary or light entertainment show around a product(s) or brand(s)
EntrantPAE MEDIA Beijing, CHINA
Entrant Company PAE MEDIA Beijing, CHINA
Contributing Company PAE MEDIA Beijing, CHINA
Contributing Company 2 HUA CHENG STUDIO Bejing, CHINA

The Campaign

Branded content in China is still at an early stage despite it’s recent progress. Especially the boom in social media during the last 2 to 3 years gave branded content a platform to grow rapidly. Consequently brands spend more and more resources on branded content instead of traditional advertisement. Several reasons are responsible for this phenomena in China: marketers and brands are able to reach customers a lot more targeted. Therefore, branded content became not only an alternative to traditional advertising, but enabled customers to enjoy and memorize brand massages embedded in exciting content. With far less restrictions in online content, marketers have more freedom in creative and execution of their projects, especially compared to traditional projects on television. While the project creators and brands are given a new range of tools, the consumer is able to enjoy informative, educative and interactive content, which is clearly more entertaining than traditional advertising.


Sennheiser is one of the world’s leading audio brands and they have a solid position in consumer and professional audio markets globally. In China, they are still quite young and they are battling for consumer market share. Sennheiser felt that showcasing their professional technology and their heritage of excellence would be a great first step to educating the Chinese market on their amazing products. We integrated Sennheiser into an existing project in order to be able to create something for Sennheiser whose value exponentially exceeded what they were able to spend.

The promotion of the content has not started yet, but : 1, First, the documentary has been subtitled in both Chinese and English, published on Sennheiser’s official weibo and other Sennheiser sharing websites: tudou, facebook, etc, with the short-film “Extreme Pursuit”. 2, Sennheiser’s global corporate public relations is now preparing for putting the documentary into their global brand/corporate communicate channels and websites. This will be a global official promotion for the content.

Sennheiser was brought on board the micro movie “Extreme Pursuit” project as an official sound partner. Sennheiser provided incredible sound recordings and music production facilities for the online micro movie, and a beautiful ”making of” documentary was shot alongside all of this – both documenting the creation of the soundtrack and the recoding of car sounds for the micro movie as well as interviewing all the people connected to Sennheiser in order to visually create a professional and comprehensive image of the brands scope and vision.


Name Company Position
Guo Zhihong Editing
Hua Cheng Editing
Han Wenlong Assistant Of Videographer
Feng Zhongyi Assistant Of Videographer
Zhong Rui Videographer
Xia Wang Videographer
Xue Duan Producer
Hua Cheng Director
Zhang Chi Pae Line Producer
Lu Zhen Pae Line Producer
Toni Piëch Pae General Executive Producer