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The Campaign

The past two years (2011 & 2012) has seen a dramatic increase in the number of TV dramas produced in China, with an estimated 20,000, 45 min long episodes produced every year. One of the factors driving the explosion in TV drama content was the cancelling of all ad breaks during the program broadcast. This created longer ad breaks running before and after programs. The net result was not only a reduction in available inventory and losing 3% of GRP’s but also a further 21% reduction in GRPs in between programs as viewers ignored the longer ad breaks. Coupled with this is a growing migration to watching TV content online, with up to 30% of audience across different segments watching more programs online vs. TV. This creates stiff competition for audience. With the provincial satellite stations (PSTV) broadcasting nationally, enjoying an advantage over local stations. However with all networks in China all looking for their own original content, it is difficult to extend audience reach through syndication. Therefore for a branded drama to be successful it not only needs to be a quality program but also have the right distribution strategy in place to deliver maximum audience.


Toothpaste! Not the most dynamic category and hardly renowned for its ability to generate social buzz. Especially when toothpaste brands fill their communications with endless images of blindingly white sparkling teeth, and constant claim and counter claims. Rather than adding to the category clutter, Zhonghua Toothpaste a brand with a 58-year history in China, used branded entertainment to engage its audience on their terms and overcome three marketing challenges: – Increasing competition and innovation driving the category. – Perception the brand was old fashion and behind the times – Losing relevance with urban 25 – 35 yo To turn the business around and present Zhonghua as a contemporary brand in tune with a younger audience, a 30 episode branded drama series “Zhonghua Weibo Master” was created. Zhonghua “Weibo Master” tells the story of a successful tech entrepreneur who creates a Weibo (Twitter) Platform in China. He loses everything and is forced to start over again. Rather than succumb to disaster he picks himself up and uses his optimistic and always smiling attitude to create a better future or himself. The drama series was the centrepiece of Zhonghua’s push into the premium-whitening segment with a new brand positioning. – “Zhonghua smile brightens your future”. The brand idea leverages a critical consumer insight. The government and societal promises about working hard to achieve everything you want is not coming as easily as first thought. Increasing housing prices, more competition in career and love, having less time to explore your passions are all adding up to people becoming a little less certain about the future. Zhonghua saw an opportunity to use this insight to engage our audience. With the branded drama and the supported integrated helping Zhonghua outstrip category growth by 40+% and have number 3 brand owned Weibo (China’s Twitter) account.

Zhonghua Weibo Master was designed to deliver three key media objectives: 1. Maximise Viewing Of Zhonghua Weibo Master: Using 6 satellite networks broadcasting nationally and 9 online video platforms delivered a total TV audience of 392 million people (+30% of the Chinese population) and 2 billion online video views. 2. Integrated Communications An integrated communication plan was developed using the cast from Weibo Master across thematic TVCs, OOH, In store POS, Magazine, Program Sponsorship and Live Events. 3. Drive Social Engagement: Over 3 million consumers shared their own dreams and aspirations on Zhonghua’s social channels.

Zhonghua took the bold step to create its own branded drama, Weibo Master, changing the way a toothpaste brand behaves and achieving outstanding results across all KPIs 1. Strong Business Growth In A Competitive Category Zhonghua Brand +27% vs Category +6.6% Increase Zhonghua Whitening Platform share from 2.2% to 2.6%, Overtook Colgate to become No.3 brand, recording its best result in the history of the brand 2. Improve Brand Image & Equity Recorded its highest brand equity score (24.8) Impproved Zhonghua’s Whitening Platform brand attributes: “Makes Teeth White” score increased 5% “Gives you confident smile” score increased 7% 3. Maximise reach across splintering TV and online viewing landscape: Total TV audience reached 394 million (approx. 32% of Chinese population). Episodes watched a combined 2 billion times on online video platforms. This generated a return on media investment (ROMI) of 29:1. 4. Generate Social Currency & Engagement: 23 million interactions (likes, comments, retweets, posts) across digital platforms 3.06 million Chinese consumers uploaded and shared their own dreams Zhonghua leapt to over 1 million Weibo (China’s Twitter) fans/followers; leap frogging higher involvement brands & categories to be the No. 3 branded Weibo account in China.


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Ricky Jiang Phd China Digital Manager
Bella Tang Phd Content Manager
Connie Wang Phd Content Manager
Neil Dong Phd Planning Director
Eric Nygard Phd Business Director
Qian Li Phd Content Director