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The Campaign

The migration from TV viewing to online video and entertainment in China is well documented, particularly with audiences aged between 15 - 35. The past two years has seen China's smartphone market explode, hitting 380 million smartphone users in first half of 2013. This is causing a dramatic shift in how people access the internet, with mobile internet users making up 72.7% of the total online population. Mobile users are also younger, with 80% under 30 and their mobile / smartphone becoming their primary device for entertainment (76% vs 24% other media channels) and searching for information. This is especially true of OMO’s progressive mum target audience. They are 80s and 90s generation mum, with very different attitudes and beliefs to their own mother, especially when it comes to child development. They are more likely to search for content via online and mobile that get advice from their own mums. This drove the strategy for OMO’s Lets Play China activation, creating a digitally led content platform to inspire mums and kids to get dirty.


What do laundry detergent, child development in China and digital technology have in common? The answer is OMO’s Lets Play China Campaign. Developed as the launch for OMO’s “Dirt Is Good” global brand idea, the campaign was a tough sell to Chinese mums. For many Chinese mums education is good, dirt is not. Their focus is on academic development from an early age. Creative play, getting messy, playing sport take up time that is better spent on any form of education. Digging into its audience OMO discovered that not all Chinese mums subscribed to the no fun, academics only mantra! Identifying China’s Progressive 80s and 90s generations mums who embrace new ideas and understanding the need for creativity and play as part of a child’s development. Matched with a desire for their children to enjoy a longer childhood compared to the harsh academic focus they grew up with. Our Progressive Mums have embraced technology (heavy internet users, over 60% own a smart phone) and are hungry to new ideas, often turning to the internet for modern day mothering advice vs asking their own mothers. Knowing this an immersive, digitally and mobile led integrated “Let’s Play China campaign featuring Yao Ming was launched. Central to the campaign was a range of useful content made available to mums through mummy portals and blogs and smartphone app. The content included 100’s of games designed to improve creative and physical development, LBS suggested places to play, recommendations matched to the daily weather and once all the fun was had, simple stain removal tips from OMO. Digital enabled taxi OOH and QR code neck tags and POS helped spread the content. TVC’s featuring Yao Ming and live events hosted by popular OMO progressive mums Li Jing helped spread the word.

By redefining OMO’s target into Progressive Mums, we found a mum who has embraced technology ( +60% own smart phone), are open to new ideas and looking for all the help they can get on child development. We identified a gap in the mobile channel, with not one app helping them with ideas to improve their child’s play – enter OMO’s Let’s Play China. Knowing searches on child development, creative play etc was increasing therefore all the content was repackaged and appeared in search pages and popular mum portals, ensuring mums without smartphones could access all the content.

REACH: 150 million media impressions across multiple channels 6 million online interactions 200,000 app downloads and counting ENGAGEMENT: Over 3.5 million positive comments shared across social media, with parents getting involved in the campaign and recommending the app to other parents. Confidential: Following the campaign, OMO saw considerable improvement in key brand metric and brand equity attributes: Brand Metrics: TOM +6 Unaided Awareness +5 Brand Attributes: OMO believes children develop best when they are free to play +22 OMO understands that getting dirty is positive for kids +9


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