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The Campaign

Branded Entertainment is just beginning to become well-used in China where this film was shown. In China, there are fairly strict censorship laws, restricting any kind of entertainment that doesn't follow the guidelines of the state in terms of violence, sexual promiscuity, or events or conduct that would seem detrimental to society. This is, of course, why most of the programming in China, branded or otherwise, tends to be on the bland side.


The objective of this project was to bring fun and innovation to the Chinese New Year occasion and have it reflect positively on the Ogilvy Group brand, bolstering both their understanding of local Chinese culture and innovative profiles. Chinese New Year (or CNY) is this most festive of Chinese holidays. And for over two thousand years, making and sharing traditional dumplings has been an important part of New Year celebrations. More currently, the way to pass along CNY greetings to those you can't be with has been through sending greetings via mobile messages. To bring the special tradition of dumpling making into the modern age, we developed the app that takes you through the process of making a loved one a plate of dumplings, then adding a selected fortune, and finally writing a personal message before sending to all you choose in your Twitter or Weibo list of contacts. The Ogilvy-branded app let Chinese, in China, in the region and the world, share their joy for the season and their love for each other.

PR articles and bloggers along with a number of high-profile agency peoples' tweets got the word out about the launch of the app. Then once it caught on, the mechanism of sending Chinese dumplings, which was the point of the app, propelled even more to download and use the app.

The CNY Dumpling App became one of the most popular apps in Greater China during Chinese New Year, 2013. It was downloaded over 8,700 times, and nearly 220,000 received CNY greetings through the app from friends, colleagues and family. For the Ogilvy Group, the app was covered in 30-40 online industry blogs and sites, not to mention the value brought to Ogilvy through having a meaningful branded app sent, received and enjoyed by hundreds of thousands.


Name Company Position
Rita Yang/Lyon Zhang/Quentina Yang Ogilvy Shanghai/Beijing Agency Producers
Sam Sun/Doug Schiff Ogilvy Beijing Copywriters
Geng Wei/Xiao Xin/Wang Fei/Morris Ku Ogilvy Beijing Art Directors
Cao Feng Ogilvy Beijing Creative Directors
Doug Schiff Ogilvy Beijing Executive Creative Director