CategoryA01. Best Fictional Program, Series or Film where a client has successfully created a drama, comedy or miniseries around a product or brand
Contributing Company 2 SONG ZU SINGAPORE Singapore, SINGAPORE
Production Company YUKFOO ANIMATION Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Production Company 2 VHQ Singapore, SINGAPORE

The Campaign

In Indonesia, TV is the main media. But a lot of people get online to consume branded content. Our research showed that one of the main activities of Indonesian women going online was to find recipe videos. So we created branded content to specifically target families with young mothers. Creating a branded YouTube channel represents a great opportunity for the brand and enhances the experience for our target audience considering the time spent online.


OBJECTIVE To launch the new Wall's Dreamy Creamy Flavours and to increase in-home consumption of ice creams tubs in Indonesia. CHALLENGE In Indonesia, a plethora of local dessert options are preferred over ice cream. Our challenge was to increase in-home consumption of Wall's ice cream tubs. SOLUTION We decided that the best way to introduce ice cream at home is to pair it with local desserts by creating new recipes for families to try. And we did that by combining two things everyone loves –Ice cream & stories. Wall's Scoops of Happiness recreated fifteen popular fairy tales as recipes using commonly found ingredients at home. An interactive diorama housed the collection of recipe stories, and as the users clicked on the interactive golden spoons, they were taken directly to a kitchen tabletop where they would see step-by-step recipe instructions and narrated in the form of a fairy tale. At the end of each story recipe, users could explore more stories, share them with friends on social networks, or download the recipe pdf. And with every download we packed special coupons to push for sales. HOW IT WORKS 1. The journey begins with a diorama featuring 15 interactive stories 2. When users see a food creation or story they like, all they have to do is click to taste. 3. On clicking, users are shown a step-by-step recipe instruction guide that's narrated in the form of a story. 4. At the end of the story recipe users can download the recipe as a pdf. 5. Every download gives the user coupons to redeem.

The audience was drawn to the channel via a 360 media plan. TV commercials, Facebook ads, Google ads, YouTube Ads and retail POSM all directed people to log on to The SEO strategy tagged words that was relevant to the content and to the audience. Whenever mothers looked for recipes or chilren's entertainment, they were prompted to visit our brand channel on YouTube.

By mixing ice cream with the world's most favourite stories, Wall's Scoops of Happiness created story recipes that allow families with children to feed their imaginations along with their cravings for ice cream. The interactive YouTube channel is a social platform for parents and children to bond over simple, fun ice-cream recipes. By tagging all the 15 videos with popular tags, we were able to target families looking for recipes on Youtube. Our content has also become a great way to indulge fans on Facebook by sharing videos. Our coupons have helped push for sales. *From research, moms seek an avenue to bond with their kids; 85% of moms use search more than any other activity , and spend 63% more time streaming online videos prowling the internet to find recipes (71%) and family activities for their children (62%) in order to find new activities that they and their kids can bond, learn and have fun.


Name Company Position
Nosheen Arai Ddb Group Singapore Developer
Andrew Candraditya Ddb Group Singapore Developer
Rosslyn Chay Ddb Group Singapore Associate Director/Experience Management
Yeo Wee Lee Ddb Group Singapore Head Of Technology
Qiaoyun Ye Ddb Group Singapore Digital Production Manager
Jackie They Ddb Group Singapore Head Of Broadcast
Alexis Cheong Ddb Group Singapore Strategic Planner
Juhan Lian Ddb Group Singapore Planning Director
Yuqi Koh Ddb Group Singapore Account Executive
Paul Ducre Ddb Group Singapore Account Supervisor
Jason Hall Ddb Group Singapore Copywriter
Elen Winata Ddb Group Singapore Art Director
Lydia Lim Ddb Group Singapore Group Head/Tribal/Art Director
Vinod Savio Ddb Group Singapore Associate Creative Director And Creative Head/Tribal/Copywriter
Joji Jacob Ddb Group Singapore Group Executive Creative Director
Jeff Cheong Ddb Group Singapore Head Of Tribal
Neil Johnson Ddb Group Singapore Chief Creative Officer