Silver Spike
Product / ServiceNODOGOSHI-NAMA
CategoryA04. Best Use or Integration of User-Generated Content
Entrant Company TYO PRODUCTIONS Tokyo, JAPAN
Contributing Company DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company TYO PRODUCTIONS Tokyo, JAPAN

The Campaign

In the Japanese advertising industry, 15 sec. TV commercials are still dominant and branded entertainment is not common at all. There’s no such thing as the Super Bowl Commercial either, so it is quite rare for Japanese advertisers to produce an entertaining TV commercial having a duration of several minutes.


The challenge: Most people forget their dreams as they go about their busy lives. But beer helps people remember. We decided to remind people of the joy that comes of living life with a dream. The idea: NODOGOSHI launched a project that realizes people’s dreams. From 50,000 collected dreams, we selected the one least likely to come true: “To become a kung-fu star and co-star with Jackie Chan.” The result: The TV commercial hit the media and topped 1 million hits on YouTube in just 3 days. Fans worldwide began adding subtitles. NODOGOSHI went on to capture the No. 1 share in the market.

First, we hosted the world premiere at a cinema in Tokyo and showed a 5 minute version of the commercial for the first time. The event was aired on many types of media and generated expectations among people. Subsequently, we ran a 60 second commercial on television. It generated huge buzz online and offline. People googled about the TV commercial and accessed YouTube to see a 180 sec. version. In just three days, the YouTube version managed to get over 1 million hits.

In just three days, the commercial managed to get over 1 million hits on YouTube. Fans all over the world added subtitles in their languages on YouTube. They even asked us for online distribution of the theme song of the commercial. After we uploaded the song on the website, it got more than 5,000 downloads immediately. And most of all, NODOGOSHI went on to capture the No. 1 share in the market!


Name Company Position
Ichiro Kamata Kamata Ad. Exective Creative Director
Takuya Isojima Dentsu Inc. Creative Director
Atsuhi Oogi Dentsu Inc. Art Director/Planner
Makoto Shinohara Dentsu Inc. Planner
Satoru Iwashita Dentsu Inc. Art Director
Yukio Hashiguchi Dentsu Inc. Copy Writer
Hikaru Nshida Dentsu Inc. Art Director
Yuji Yamaguchi Dentsu Inc. Agency Producer
Makiko Kusakabe Dentsu Inc. Agency Producer
Takuma Suga Dentsu Inc. Agency Producer
Takashi Sakuma Dentsu Inc. Campaign Planner
Takehisa Asahina TYO Inc. Producer
Kyoichi Shibukawa TYO Inc. Producer
Tsugihisa Tanaka Voyger Director
Ng Man Ching camera
Yuki Nemoto Crank Dew camera
Wu Gang Jakie Chang China Action Director
Takanori Imamura IMAGICA Editor
Chitoshi Murata IMAGICA Compositer
Toshihiro Hara IMAGICA Mixer
Katsuya Yamada Aiin Music Producer
Noboru Nishino Dentsu Inc. Campaign Planner