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CategoryA10. Best Integrated Content Campaign
Contributing Company HONG KONG DISNEYLAND Hong Kong, HONG KONG
Entrant Company MINDSHARE Hong Kong, HONG KONG
Media Agency MINDSHARE Hong Kong, HONG KONG

The Campaign

Advertisements must be clearly distinguishable as such and be recognizably separate from the programs. No undue prominence may be given in any program to a product, service, trademark, brand name or logo of a commercial nature or a person identified with the above so that the effect of such reference amounts to advertising. Such references must be limited to what can clearly be justified by the editorial requirements of the program itself, or of an incidental nature. For program sponsorship, there must be a clear distinction between advertisements and programs. If any program, or part of a program, is sponsored, supplied or suggested by an advertiser, clear announcements to this effect should be made. The broadcaster should be responsible for the content of sponsored programs or program segments. Mention of a sponsor related product in such programs or program segments may be permitted provided it does not occur frequently and does not obtrude on program interest or entertainment.


The campaign idea is to bring youngster to HK Disneyland to visit the new Grizzly Gulch, by creating interest and demonstrating excitement this new attraction could bring, which are the sudden water explosions, and the exciting ride on their hero roller-coaster ie. the “Big Mountain Runaway Mine Car”. To further register the fun experience of the entire footprint of Grizzly Gulch’s, an authentic board game epitomizing the terrain of Grizzly Gulch was also developed as giveaway to facilitate the communications. A young adult radio channel - Commercial Radio 2 was selected as the main media partner. We employed their popular DJs to dramatize the funny moments playing this board game on-air, on-line and on-ground. We also ran an interactive radio phone-in game segments, with games designed to show the 3 main features of the “Runaway Mine Cars”, that is backward motion, speedy twists and turns, and water explosion moment in a creative interesting way. Popular DJs - Kitty, Chu Fun, Alton and Sai So were the first to try and play the board game. Video and sound bites were recorded to show the fun and hilarious moments. The video was viral through Youtube and DJs’ own Weibo posts, while the sound bites were played throughout the day on Commercial Radio to drive awareness. Finally the DJs participated at Megabox’s event to play the board game live with audiences in different weeks to further stir up the momentum. Besides, we employed an interactive phone-in segment in Sammy and Kitty’s popular program, “Good Morning King”, to invite audiences to answer 3 questions with execution demonstrating the Mine Cars’ unique features. First participants had to rearrange the words saying in reverse order; second they had to play tongue twister; finally they had to guess the words that were mumbled in water.

An authentic board game epitomizing the terrain of Grizzly Gulch was designed as giveaway to facilitate the communications. Youngsters could experience the entire footprint through the board game. We wanted to create a hype that the board game is interesting and make youngsters urging to get one to play. Thus, a young adult radio channel, Commercial Radio 2, was selected as the main media partner and their popular DJs were used to play up the board game on-air (through sound bites & radio segments), on-line (viral video & DJs’ own Weibo posts) and on-ground (shopping mall event hosted by DJs).

BIG success was achieved for the launch: - Local market attendance up by 32% Vs last year - With the significant increase in TOM awareness, total awareness for launch month climbed to a high level of 85% - User experienced the excitement from different communication channels and spread across various social media networks quickly, total views surged by 73% and accumulated to 24 million, created a lot of word-of-mouth and viral effect for the campaign.


Name Company Position
Bing Chan Mindshare Hong Kong Limited Senior Associate/The Exchange
Fiana Man Mindshare Hong Kong Limited Associate/Channel Planning
Cheryl Sin Mindshare Hong Kong Limited Director/The Exchange
Josephine Chan Mindshare Hong Kong Limited Senior Director/Client Leadership
Mandy Lam Mindshare Hong Kong Limited Partner/Client Leadership
Kan Cheng Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Creative Designer
Lewis Lam Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Manager/Creative Services
Antony Chow Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Creative Services Manager
Bertilla Cheung Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Print And Production Executive
Sandy Cheung Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Sr. Marketing Executive/Marketing Communications
Jonas Fung Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Manager/Marketing Communications
Jenkin Ho Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Marketing Communications Director
Nadia Yu Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Senior Marketing Executive
Alan Lee Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Associate Manager/Marketing
Rachel Chan Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Manager/Marketing
Icy Leung Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Manager/Marketing
Wendy Chu Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Director/Marketing