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CategoryA04. Best Use or Integration of User-Generated Content
Contributing Company AGENDA Hong Kong, HONG KONG

The Campaign

Infant milk formula brands face strict restrictions in branded content every time functional claims are involved. While HK IMF brands are still competing mainly through functional story-telling, branded content remains a new territory for the category. To differentiate from other competitors, Wyeth Gold needed a solution to get closer with HK parents. Just getting Wyeth on the parents’ radars wasn’t enough. Wyeth needed to go ‘beyond’ functional stories telling to engage with HK parents and gain their trust as a parenting partner throughout a child’s early growth development progress. We moved beyond the 30-sec TV spot and cultivated our brand relationship with content generated by parents. With this approach, we placed Wyeth in the center of parenting community by putting their interest as the core and at a more personal level to position the brand as the partner throughout a child’s early growth progress.


BUILDING THE LEARNING SURPRISE VIDEO LIBRARY We captured parents’ emotions by showcasing heartwarming films featuring everyday learning surprises of HK kids hosted by a popular radio personality, Leo Chim. These were shared on media first home-page take-over ad formats in high-traffic local websites - Baby Kingdom, Yahoo HK and Apple Daily. This reminded parents’ of their kids’ exemplary learning abilities and strengthened their desire to share their own stories. PARENTS HELPING EACH OTHER WITH THEIR OWN CONTENT CREATION Once parents uploaded a video with their feelings about their child’s learning achievement, we sent their kids a set of personalized QR-code name-cards linking directly to their videos to share with friends and family, another HK media first. This instantly sparked interactions and created conversations among HK parents in social networks that led to a bigger desire for participation. A PERMANENT SOURCE OF MEANINGFUL PARENTING INFORMATION To help parents better learn from others’ videos sharing, we provided parents positive feedback for their nurturing care and ‘proactively’ responded to their videos via Early Childhood Specialists analyzing their kids’ surprising achievements in 4 Key Developmental Areas – Observation Skill, Cognition Ability, Physical Vitality & Immunity. The videos were also organized by ‘age’ and ‘gender’, helping parents to easily search for relevant content to benchmark their own child’s development performance.

HK parents are hungry for parenting resources that help children build a strong foundation. Though these are accessible online, we realized what parents missing was a “centralized” platform to learn from other children’s learning achievements – These are not the super “talents” but everyday surprises of watching children developed something new that are usually UNSEEN by the outside world (untapped opportunity). In a media first, Wyeth introduced the “Learning Surprise VIDEO Library”, an online resource for parents to share/learn from other kids’ developmental advances, creating a permanent inspirational channel with authoritative VIDEO references to answer children’s early development questions.

The platform showcased Wyeth’s leadership in bringing innovation to a highly competitive and functionally-driven category. With more and more videos being uploaded every day, parents now have a permanent VIDEO resource to share and learn from other parents’ experiences. In 3 short months, • More than 440 videos collected (+47% over target) • +80,000 site visits monthly with an average time spent of 4 minutes and 50 seconds. • Taken over Yahoo and Google’s organic search results for generic keyword “Learning Surprise” in Chinese (學習驚喜) • Positively described as one of HK’s early childhood development resources (HK$500k+ free Press) • The campaign also paved the way for the brand’s future growth. • New Trials increased by +61% vs 2011’s monthly average • Sales +23% YTD (Aug 2012) Strongest Return on Marketing Investment with 19:1 in 3 years! (2011-12:1 and 2010-5:1) Overtook Market Leader, Mead Johnson in key Brand Attributes o Most Used by HK mother - 52% (vs MJ 46%) o Brand your kids like - 29% (vs MJ 26%) Retained leadership as no.1 in Brand Used Most Often Most importantly, Wyeth is now seen as a primary resource for authoritative parenting information- a strong emotional connection to the brand.


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