Product / ServiceHORSE RACING
CategoryA08. Best Use or Integration of Gaming
EntrantAID-DCC Osaka, JAPAN
Entrant Company AID-DCC Osaka, JAPAN
Contributing Company DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Contributing Company 2 AID-DCC Tokyo, JAPAN

The Campaign

The horse racing’s popularity is declining. Mainly among young, people has shifted to other leisure like an internet and SNS, and the opportunity to experience horse race has been dwindling every year.


The objective : As a step toward the biggest horse racing event in Japan, "JAPANESE DERBY", we wanted to offer an experience of an attractive horseracing even to those who don’t go to racetracks. Solution : To give an exciting moment to barrel through 2,400m by own leg (finger)! “SCROLL DERBY” We saw the strong potential for the fact that a horse runs on its fingers. We created a real race experience to compete with users from all around the world by scrolling with an own finger, just like horses do. And further more, we provided events in major cities for many people to be able to participate in races at the same time. A virtual communication method with a focus on digital contents had been converted to REAL .

We held races every 3 minutes, and it made users experience races any time they visit the site. We provided announcements on media which has an affinity for horse racing such as an out of home visions in horse racetracks. We also aimed at spreading information by horse race fans.

Flood of praises percolated through SNS and 700,000 people participated in races during a promotion. 3,000 people entered in the race with a cash prize at the same time. Achieved 120% of the number of racetrack visitors over previous year. A billion yen increased in sales. Big result came out.


Name Company Position
Masayuki Ikeda - Photographer
Takashi Kibe Tow Co./Ltd Producer
Toshiyuki Sakayanagi Various Dimensions Co./Ltd. Event Producer
Noboru Nishino Dentsu Inc. Agency Producer
Masayuki Inoue Dentsu Inc. Agency Producer
Toshiya Shibusawa Niban-Kobo Productions Corp Production Maneger
Xuan Qiao Niban-Kobo Productions Corp Director
Kohei Omata Niban-Kobo Productions Corp Producer
Tomohiro Ishizono Serverside Engineering
Taiki Kimura Katamari Inc. System Engeneering
Yuichi Takatani Katamari Inc. Designer
You Tanaka Katamari Inc. Developer
Takanobu Izukawa Katamari Inc. Technical Director
Masashi Ohashi Katamari Inc. Technical Director
Kyosuke Taniguchi Katamari Inc. Director
Kenichi Seki Aid-Dcc Inc. Producer
Jun Tamura Dentsu Inc. Account Executive
Ryosuke Ota Dentsu Inc. Agency Producer
Sozo Kikuchi Dentsu Inc. Planner
Akio Morita Dentsu Inc. Creative Director