Product / ServiceFROZEN YOGHURT
CategoryA09. Best use or integration of digital or social media
Production Company WILL O'ROURKE Sydney, AUSTRALIA

The Campaign

Given that the audience had never heard of Cloud 9, we wanted the first time that they did hear about it to be by a source they love and trust; food bloggers. So we dedicated a tub to each blogger and streamed the tubs journey live as it travelled and froze 50,000 ft high in the clouds. The bloggers streamed the event live and shared imagery via the #frozenintheclouds hash tag using their various social platforms. This meant that followers could watch and share the launch in the form of Instagram photos, tweets and on Vimeo and Youtube.


Bulla dairy wanted to launch new frozen yoghurt Cloud 9 to a notoriously hard to reach and harder to impress audience of young, urban foodies. Not only did we need to launch a new product, we needed to launch a new category being premium frozen yoghurt. Inspired by the name Cloud 9, we wanted to see if it was possible to actually freeze yoghurt in the clouds. This begun a series of tests to see what temperature and height the yoghurt needed to travel to freeze. Once we had the answers, we created a social event, #frozenintheclouds involving Australia’s top food bloggers, who are adoringly followed by our audience. We dedicated a tub to each blogger and streamed the tubs journey live as it travelled and froze 50,000 ft high in the clouds. Each journey became a unique video that could be shared as online content. The bloggers streamed the event live, as well as recipes and flavour reviews via their various social platforms, involving their followers in the social event.

The audience was lead to the content via the bloggers various social platforms including their blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Vimeo channels. They would post before their tubs’ launch, during it (by sending links to the GPS tracking website) and finally the recipes they made once it was frozen and delivered. When followers saw any of these posts by the bloggers, they could then retweet, or repost it to their broader social network. This meant that the bloggers became our media channels and by asking them to be involved, their followers came along for the tubs’ journey to the clouds.

Personally involving bloggers in the event increased their passion for the project and the effort they put behind telling the story. Through bloggers, #frozenintheclouds was shared with a potential audience of 6.4 million and gained 2.1 million unique impressions. #frozenintheclouds excited the audience to visit the freezer aisle and pick up one of their own tubs. 30% of all Cloud 9 sales were among those new to the category. The overall launch gave Cloud 9 a permanent position in supermarket freezers across the country.


Name Company Position
Pop Up Collective Pop Up Collective Influencer Management
Sascha Ettinger Epstein Will O'rourke Director
Alice Atherton Grey Melbourne Planner
Catherine Mcdonald Grey Melbourne Senior Account Manager
D'arne Buckley Grey Melbourne Business Director
Rohan Cooke Grey Melbourne Copy Writer
Laura Petruccelli Grey Melbourne Copy Writer
Rohan Cooke Grey Melbourne Art Director
Laura Petruccelli Grey Melbourne Art Director
Michael Knox Grey Melbourne Executive Creative Director