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The Campaign

Branded Content is in its nascent stages in Singapore. As of now, our understanding of Branded Content largely comprises of standard product placements and media buys in the form of broadcast sponsorships of reality and game shows. There is a smattering of more sophisticated approaches that integrate the brand at the scripting stage. Love Cuts, Biggest Loser branded FB game come to mind. However these are rarities in Singapore. Apart from this, there is a lack of locally produced online series featuring teenage life specific to lifestyle and health issues. Regulations are fairly lenient for branded content. All we need to take heed of are certain content considerations such as overt display of vices (e.g. cannot display lighting up of cigarettes or overtly show alcohol brands etc) and seditious acts. Hence, there lies an untapped opportunity to speak with youth in an online drama format that would appeal to them.


Teenagers face difficulties of coping with the stress from school and the peer pressure to indulge in unhealthy activities like smoking, binge drinking and casual sex. Health Promotion Board has an online resource portal -, designed for youths to go to for health and lifestyle tips but awareness of it was low resulting to its dismal usage as a resource tool. We had to bridge teenagers with what has to offer. Youths are digitally wired and seek entertainment in music and drama for enjoyment. They prefer talking to their peers or someone they can relate to, instead of being told on what to do. We need to find an unconventional way to speak to youths. Hence the web drama CLICK was conceived. Their lifestyle habits were our beacon on how we publicized the web series. We integrated their key touch-points in a holistic campaign approach to embark them on their journey to CLICK. We announced the launch of the series at hotspots where youths hang out. There were train posters inside SMRT trains, at train stations and bus stop, capturing them while they are on their commute to school. We aired trailers in cinemas as teasers to pique their interest. Deejays on FM98.7 got their listeners to share their own experiences and eventually tying them back to check out the web series online. We seeded CLICK on popular sites via GoViral and posted the videos on Facebook and Youtube. Ads ran on Facebook and mobile to get into the thick of the social networking action. Fans and non-fans of CLICK were posting comments, shares and likes. The cast of CLICK posted their comments about the drama, and so did other alpha influencers. Trailers and wallpapers were posted on popular to extend the reach and buzz.

The branded content creation for Health Promotion Board was based on research on issues which teenagers care about. The audience was drawn to the series because it was about them, starring street teenage talent making their own choices on issues they face and being responsible for the consequences of their actions. The stories were shaped by them, based on characters they could relate to and in situations they encounter every day. Each episode was 3-minute in duration and dealt with a common issue which either teenagers or their friends would have experienced in the form of a drama unfolding.

Our post campaign survey (source: Antenna) showed: • A whopping 83% increase in site visits to • Youths were spending more time on, by an average increase of 12% in time spent. • Breathe Facebook fan base increased by 21%. Youths related to Breathe’s content through commenting and sharing our posts. • 95% of them would recommend a friend to • 62% of youths know where to seek help when dealing with health, social and personal issues. • 57% of them became more aware of the health issues and started thinking more positively about it • 52% took action to prevent risky behaviour (like smoking) after watching CLICK. We have gotten the attention of the youths to think about issues that matter to them and importantly, know that they are responsible for their own actions. It’s no wonder that everyone loves a good story. “The story-telling approach, in the form of branded content, is a move away from the traditional approach in engaging the youths. Supported by a sound integrated media strategy to reach them at key touch-points, the agency has helped us exceed all campaign KPIs.” – Pearlyn Tseng (Deputy Director, Corporate Marketing, Health Promotion Board


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