Product / ServiceCALTEX
CategoryA10. Best Integrated Content Campaign
Entrant Company MEC ACCESS Singapore, SINGAPORE
Media Agency MEC ACCESS Singapore, SINGAPORE
Production Company ACTIVE TV Singapore, SINGAPORE

The Campaign

Aided by the boom in digital consumption and less rigid regulations, branded content is growing rapidly in Asia, becoming more popular as a means for brands to express their values and to speak to the consumer. The rules around what can and can’t be done by brands vary significantly around the region, however, for any major regional TV broadcaster or FTA channels brand integration needs to be editorially relevant to comply with regulations. For this entry, branded content was used as an incentive to encourage the target audience to get involved with the projects and to speak to governments as well as a wider audience.


We created Driving Change with Caltex, a first of its kind, content led, multi-platform campaign to help local communities and improve Caltex brand perception. Implemented across five countries, the real time campaign used the power of social media, compelling content and celebrity, mixed with the credibility of established charities to make a difference to over 20,000 children and elderly in local communities. We showed that Caltex cared so consumers cared about Caltex. Our strategy of creating a campaign that was so positive that it would drown out the negative noise surrounding the category was executed over five countries, with our host Henry Golding, a recognized celebrity and campaigner for local communities. It was a race against time to complete five community tasks, such as building a library for the children of flood hit Baan Nong Plong Pode School in Thailand, within 72 hours. The missions were ambitious and could only be completed through harnessing the power of social media to rally people to participate. The filming ran across five consecutive weekends to build strong momentum and engagement, we developed multiple consumer touch points and generated content in real-time to create a sense of urgency to spur people to participate. Our central team in Singapore worked seamlessly with the ground team in each market, managing the assets as they came in and pushed them out real time onto various digital channels. To maximize our impact on social media we tapped into the social media channels of celebrity helpers as well as the affiliated charities. A three minute wrap video was created after each mission and broadcast online and on two of FIC’s leading general entertainment and factal channels, Star World and National Geographic Channel (NGC). This culminated in a hour-long New Years Day special on Star World.

We needed to engage existing and new customers in a climate of consumer hostility. Sponsorship of popular TV shows had allowed for good awareness in the past, but had restrictions. We wanted to create an entirely bespoke, integrated campaign for Caltex to differentiate and increase brand preference. We identified brand reputation as a driver of brand preference, while observing, in South East Asia a rise in interest in social responsibility. It was the positive noise and the social responsibility of the campaign that drew in our audience and allowed them to get behind ‘Driving Change’. Over 700 pieces of content were pieced together cohesively to tell compelling stories across paid, owned and earned media.

It’s very rare that a petrol brand gets tweeted about by a Prime Minister, or trends on Twitter unless they do something really bad. We achieved both by doing something really good. So far we have helped over 20,000 children and the elderly in their communities. In Malaysia we raised enough money to help over 500 children with food and school supplies for one year. In Hong Kong we refurbished the Shatin Learning Centre. In Thailand we rebuilt a school library. In the Philippines we received over 3500 pieces of sports equipment and patched up the Field of Dreams stadium. And in Singapore, we delivered nearly 13,000 food hampers to the elderly. 97% agreed that Driving Change was a positive project. Shifted brand perception - 84% more positive to Caltex post campaign, up by 13% from previous campaign. Shifted brand of choice, up by 44% YOY across the five markets. 6 % lift in sales.


Name Company Position
Camille Faylona Active Tv Executive Producer
Joanne Kok Chevron Regional Brand Support/Web Manager
Dorothy Cheong Chevron Regional Integrated Marketing Manager
Deirdre Chew Mec Singapore Digital Manager
Lyndsey Long Mec Singapore Planner
Nirelle Goh Mec Singapore Account Manager
Shaun Yap Mec Access Singapore Senior Executive
Jude Forbes Mec Access Singapore Account Director
Mike Jackson Mec Access Singapore Regional Md