Product / ServiceBACARDI
CategoryA06. Best Use or Integration of Music
EntrantPICS Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company PICS Tokyo, JAPAN
Contributing Company DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Contributing Company 2 DREAMDESIGN Tokyo, JAPAN
Contributing Company 3 RHIZOMATIKS Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company PICS Tokyo, JAPAN

The Campaign

We defined “liberating one’s heart = screaming” and devised something that people would find themselves wanting to scream. This is the world's first clothing that becomes transparent by screaming. Bacardi girls dressed up in this clothing served Bacardi cocktails to drunkards in exchange of their loud screaming. On streets everywhere in Japan, unfamiliar screams were heard and the brand succeeded in making a wide appeal. Moreover, we used the screams in a different way to bring additional excitement to this experimental event. Every scream was recorded transfer to the guitar-shaped synthesizer and categorized by musical scale in real time. Then it was improvised in some clubs.


We defined “liberating one’s heart=screaming” and came up with a Halloween promotion idea that has the most screaming essence. We developed the “world’s first Halloween costume that goes transparent by screaming” which makes everyone want to scream for sure. On the Halloween night, women dressed up in this costume served Bacardi cocktails to people in exchange of their loud screaming. On streets everywhere in Japan, unfamiliar screams were heard and the brand succeeded in making a wide appeal. Not only that, the cameras that were installed on the microphones recorded the scenes of people screaming. At event venues, “scream live performance” was shown which consisted of music made up of people’s screams.

We focused our attention on how drinkers tend to “get loud when they drink”. Drinkers naturally liberate their hearts and enjoy themselves by drinking and raising their voices. We took advantage of Halloween which has a” festive mood “that suits screaming and by providing a “heart liberating brand experience” that allows people to get carried away by screaming real loud, we were able to establish a deep brand engagement with drinkers.

Various places in Japan were warmed up with Bacardi screaming and left a strong impression of the brand on drunkards. ● More than 10,000 loud screams in total from various places in Japan ● Our promotion was covered by approximately 300 media sources including TV programs and others. ● Brand awareness increased from 52.3% to 66.0%. ● The sales volume of the year-end and new-year recorded 130% compared to the previous year


Name Company Position
Hanako Sakagami Dentsu Inc. Account Exective
Masaya Nakamura Dentsu Inc. Account Director
Satoshi Shinjin Catchball Pr Planner
Taeko Yoshimoto Initial Pr Planner
Shinya Kiyokawa Invisible Designs Lab. Sound Designer
Hiroshi Kizu P.i.c.s. Director
Yoshio Komatsu Jiyuro Costume Design
Jiro Jiyuro Costume Design
Atsushi Sasaki Rhizomatiks Device Developer
Moto Ishibashi Rhizomatiks Device Architecter
Daito Manabe Rhizomatiks Programmer
Hidenori Chiba Rhizomatiks Technical Director
Yuta Ichikawa Bravo Event Producer
Takahiko Kajima P.i.c.s. Producer
Naoki Morigami Dreamdesign Art Director
Shunsuke Kaga Dentsu Inc. Planner
Yusuke Shimazu Dreamdesign Creative Director
Kazuhiro Amano Dentsu Inc. Executive Creative Director