Product / ServiceCLEAR SHAMPOO
CategoryA01. Creative Effectiveness
EntrantLOWE Bangkok, THAILAND
Entrant Company:LOWE Bangkok, THAILAND
Advertising Agency:LOWE Bangkok, THAILAND


Name Company Position
Pom Chaiyaporn Lowe&Open Cco
Komsan Wattanavanitchakorn Lowe&Open Creative Director
Phairat Uaphadunglert Lowe&Open Creative Director
Chalit Manuyakorn Lowe&Open Copywriter
Noppakate Tawun-Unnop Lowe&Open Copywriter
Wutikai Chaika Lowe&Open Art Director
Prapat Chanboonyawat Lowe&Open Art Director
Pornchai Sanchaichana Lowe&Open Producer
Tin Viriyarat Lowe&Open Producer
Massimiliano La Franca Lowe&Open Planner
Chaowapark Srikasem Lowe&Open Account Manager
Ad Advertising Production Co./Ltd Production Company

Brief Explanation

In order to grow its business, Clear dandruff shampoo had to reposition itself from a dandruff specialist to a holistic “scalp expert” in Thailand The agency was then briefed to: - Increase traffic to Clear website - improve “scalp expert” score in the brand image profile by the end of 2011 But, in a market where every brand talks about shiny and voluminous hair, none thinks about the scalp, let alone being vaguely interested in it. So, how to drive people’s attention to the scalp? QR hair tattoo The human body has been used for ages to share messages of all types. Think tattoos for example. However, no one before Clear shampoo had ever thought about using the scalp to communicate a message. The team created the first interactive campaign that used the human scalp as a channel to demonstrate to people the importance of its health. A QR code tattoo was designed as a haircut on the scalp itself. When scanned by a smartphone, only the QR codes designed on healthy scalps directed people to the Clear website where people could get information on the scalp and the product RESULTS OBJECTIVE 1: To improve “scalp expert” score in the brand image profile by the end of 2011 • The scalp became one of the hottest topics in the city and the QR campaign generated over 10 milllion free contacts. * • “Scalp Expert Profile” in Brand Image profile almost doubled in 2011, from 6 to 10 points*** OBJECTIVE 2: To Increase traffic Clear website • The QR code increased the traffic to the website by over 400%. Facebook fanbase increased from 7,000 to 20,000 in just 10 days ** BUSINESS: though the campaign had a more qualitative objective, it helped add value to the brand and support quite a strong price increase (10%), especially in convenience stores and small formats. * source: Mindshare ** source: Brilliant Million statistics of Clear campaign *** source: Unilever/Nielsen data – Unilever Brand Health Check