Product / ServiceAVIVA CHILD PLANS
CategoryA01. Creative Effectiveness
EntrantBBDO INDIA Gurgaon, INDIA
Entrant Company:BBDO INDIA Gurgaon, INDIA
Advertising Agency:BBDO INDIA Gurgaon, INDIA


Name Company Position
Sandipan Bhattacharyya BBDO India Executive Creative Director
Arjuna Gaur BBDO India Associate Creative Director
Anunay Rai BBDO India Creative Director
Anupam Chauhan BBDO India Account Director
Ranjeev Vij BBDO India Vice President
Josy Paul BBDO India Chief Creative Officer
Gurdev Singh BBDO India Visualiser
Rakesh Ranjan BBDO India Senior Visualiser
Gaurav Rajput Aviva India Director Marketing
Kshitij Jain Aviva India Head Marketing

Brief Explanation

When it comes to selling insurance plans in India, phone calls are the ‘deal-maker’. Companies advertise on TV, print, OOH - the whole hog, but the phone call gets you the interview and the interview gets you closure, the deal! Unfortunately, the ROI on this “selling model” is abysmal: about 5% from call to interview and about 1-2% from interview to deal. We had a thought that could accelerate this ROI skywards. But, we needed to test our hypothesis. So, armed with our belief, we actually said No to the client. “Let’s not go nationwide.” Let’s first test our model with what we called our phone experiment. We looked closely at the milestones in every parent’s life and realized that the one that stood apart from all the rest, the one that 97% parents recalled - was the time their child graduated from college. It was a moment that represented a coming of age for both - the parents and the child. What if we could fast-forward time and make them live through that experience now? To start with, we held painting competitions in schools with the title – ‘What I want to be when I grow up.’ These paintings turned up a wealth of data for us: the child’s name, his or her ambitions and her parents names and contact details. Using this data, we were able to create personalized telephone calls for the parents but with a key difference: the voice the parents heard on the other end was a grown up version of their 5 year old, calling them from his or her graduation ceremony, thanking them for making it possible! Also, in stark contrast to usual telemarketing calls, a parent found it really hard to disconnect the call because the voice on the other end introduced himself or herself as their own child – now all grown up and about to graduate! We also built a response mechanism right into the call. So the moment the parent was done hearing their child’s voice from the future, they could just press a button and get in touch with an Aviva advisor. This creative solution also took one of the oldest tools in direct marketing – the age old telephone, and demonstrated how a good idea can make it relevant, compelling and hugely effective even in today’s modern digital communication landscape.