Product / ServiceCOCA-COLA
CategoryA01. Creative Effectiveness
Entrant Company:McCANN WORLDGROUP Hong Kong, HONG KONG
Advertising Agency:McCANN WORLDGROUP Hong Kong, HONG KONG


Name Company Position
Spencer Wong Mccann Worldgroup Chief Creative Officer
Spencer Wong Mccann Worldgroup Executive Creative Director
Nick Lim Mccann Worldgroup Executive Creative Director
Mark Kong Mccann Worldgroup Creative Director
Daniel Cheung Mccann Worldgroup Art Director
Kitty Tang Mccann Worldgroup Art Director
Tonkie Chan Mccann Worldgroup Art Director
Rika Kojima Mccann Worldgroup Art Director
Paul Swee Mccann Worldgroup Production Content Director

Brief Explanation

Transforming Coca-Cola’s traditional global summer campaign into an exciting digital experience that literally had consumers jumping off their couch in Hong Kong With less and less people tuning in to traditional TV, Coca-Cola Hong Kong set out to transform the traditional TV experience in the new digital age with its highly successful summer promotional campaign “Chok! Chok! Chok!” “Chok!”, meaning rapid motion, is the latest slang word used by Hong Kong teens. Riding on the popularity of this new slang word, we created a smartphone app to let teens catch tumbling bottle caps straight from the TV screen to win instant prizes, successfully turning a traditional TVC into Hong Kong and Asia’s first ever interactive gaming promotion. Yuya Furukawa, Executive Creative Director at Dentsu, Japan, described “Chok! Chok! Chok!” as “a campaign that could build real connection between the audience and traditional TV.” And it is. The campaign has broken down what was defined as ‘A MEDIUM’ and enabled users to interact with an otherwise one-way communication channel. AND THE RESULTS ARE ASTOUNDING. In just 6 weeks, the app was downloaded for over 400,000 times and the ad has been watched and played for over 9 million times - making “Chok! Chok! Chok!” the most successful promotional campaign in the history of Coca-Cola in Hong Kong. The hype from the campaign has altogether brought a 12.5% increase to the sales of Coca-Cola and another 10.6% increase to the whole Coca-Cola Franchise vs the same period the previous year, the best increment to the sparkling category in Hong Kong in the past 4 years.