Product / ServiceAUDI A8
CategoryA01. Creative Effectiveness
Advertising Agency:CREATIVELAND ASIA Mumbai, INDIA


Name Company Position
Sajan Raj Kurup Creativeland Asia Chief Creative Officer/Copywriter
Vikram Gaikwad Creativeland Asia Executive Creative Director
Anu Joseph Creativeland Asia Executive Creative Director/Copywriter
Vinit Bharucha Creativeland Asia Copywriter
Siddhartha Menon Creativeland Asia Copywriter
Bryan Elijah Creativeland Asia Art Director
Kiran Nandwani Creativeland Asia Account Producer
Aditya Subramaniam Creativeland Asia Account Supervisor
Sajiv Kurup Crocodile Films Executive Producer
Rodrigo Sobral The Mill Digital Creative Director
Andy Orrick The Mill Executive Producer
Tony Volpe The Mill Creative Technologist
Joel Godfrey The Mill Senior Project Manager
Paul Kennerley The Mill Art Director/Digital
Prince Jacob Thomas Creativeland Asia Senior Planner

Brief Explanation

How can the Audi A8 L Launch campaign in India create high levels of aspiration for the car in the country? How do you get a country excited about a rear seat centric luxury sedan? How do you get consumers to experience the most luxurious sedan ever built without putting them in the car? The Audi A8 L Launch campaign successfully created and delivered this experience like never before. This was the first time ever that any of the Marquee car brands launched a country specific campaign in India and not just an adaptation of its global communication. The objective of the campaign was to launch the new Audi A8L and get potential customers to experience the backseat of the most luxurious long-wheel base sedan Audi has ever built. The best solution would have been to go to all our potential customers one by one and get them to sit in the car and experience it. Since that wasn't practical, we had to think of the second best way to get potential customers to experience the car and its features without having to step into it. So we created the world's first fully integrated 3D campaign for the launch of Audi A8L- ‘The Advanced State of Mind’. The campaign was an immersive 3D experience that straddled every possible medium and every possible screen- that enabled prospective consumers to immerse themselves in the Audi A8 L. The campaign was led by the personalized 3D Direct mailer and an interactive 3D website combined with other campaign elements like mobile phone apps, in-cinema promos and social media campaign plan, delivering a car experience like never before. The results of the 6-phased campaign were phenomenal. Audi A8 L surpassed its annual sales target by a mind boggling 368.3% by the end of 2011. From 2010 to 2011 Audi’s market share went up by 6%, while its key competitors BMW grew by 1% and Mercedes lost 5 % of market share. The ‘Advanced State of Mind’ campaign also resulted in Audi India to exceed its targeted sales figure by a whopping 83.5 % in 2011. The campaign not only helped Audi snap up the market share of its nearest competitor but also created numerous conversations thus resulting in increased brand awareness for Audi in India.