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Product / ServiceEARPHONE BULLY
CategoryC03. Interactive Tools
Entrant Company:SAPIENTNITRO Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
Advertising/Web Design Agency:SAPIENTNITRO Brisbane, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Nancy Hartley Sapientnitro Executive Creative Director
James Burchill Sapientnitro Executive Creative Director
Ralphie Barnett Sapientnitro Associate Creative Director/Art Director
Cristian Staal Sapientnitro Associate Creative Director/Art Director
Marianne Harvey Sapientnitro Senior Copywriter
Eardrum Eardrum Production Company
Ralph Van Dijk Eardrum Audio Director
Lisa Lepore Eardrum Producer
Michael Bates Sound Engineer
Melissa Ashman Sapientnitro Agency Producer
Mark Mccarthy Sapientnitro Senior Digital Producer
Dan Treichel Sapientnitro Ux/Front End Developer
Melissa Sealey Sapientnitro Account Manager
Derek Leong Sapientnitro Designer
Amber Gregory Sapientnitro Back End Developer
Thomas Marcusson Sapientnitro Digital Art Director
Chad Twentyman Sapientnitro Editor

Brief Explanation

Earphone Bully puts you in the shoes of a silent victim. With the current generation welded to their earphones, it uses 3D sound to put a bully in your head. This creates a powerful roleplay tool to prepare kids for schoolyard bullies and gives them ways to speak up about it. It's also about empathy and understanding for bystanders and parents, and for bullies themselves. You don’t really know what it’s like until you step into their shoes. Earphone bully can be customised by any anti-bully organisations to add local support details and can be personalised when passing onto friends.

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