Short List
Product / ServiceNIKE
CategoryC04. Community Applications
EntrantAKQA Shanghai, CHINA
Entrant Company:AKQA Shanghai, CHINA
Advertising/Web Design Agency:AKQA Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Johan Vakidis Akqa Shanghai Executive Creative Director
Johan Vakidis/Tea Qiu Akqa Shanghai Art Director
Yoyo Chu/Bruce Ji Akqa Shanghai Designer
Riaad Van Der Merwe/Jimmy Chen Akqa Shanghai Copywriter
Jeff Xu Akqa Shanghai Technology Director
Lei Fang Akqa Shanghai Creative Developer
Joe Cai Akqa Shanghai Production Manager
Shell Ni Akqa Shanghai Producer
Kim Jerbo Akqa Shanghai Motion Graphics Designer
Vivian Zhang Akqa Shanghai Project Manager
Gavin Lum/Jason Wang/Tony Zhang/Cathy Wang/Susie Ni Akqa Shanghai Account Servicing

Brief Explanation

After Nike set up the Elite Training Unit (ETU) to give Chinese football fans the chance to go pro,we inspired participation by creating an online football community and The Chance global talent search.Our breakthrough in-page design, rich media technology-powered live discussions, “Bring ETU to My City” online function, integrated mobile interface, and personalized online training sessions spread the message “My Time is Now” to over 275,000 Chinese football fans. In seven days, 10,000 voted “Bring ETU to My City”, and in five months, the Nike Football Community received over half a million active users and nearly 6.7 million total views.


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