Product / ServiceLYNX SHOWER GEL
CategoryC01. Viral Video
EntrantBBH CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Entrant Company:BBH CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Advertising/Web Design Agency:BBH CHINA Shanghai, CHINA

Brief Explanation

Young men in China put very little thought into shower products, using whatever they find in the family bathroom. Mums would invariably purchase personal care products for the household, including shower gels that they themselves prefer. To encourage guys to get their own shower gel, the campaign highlights showering needs that are distinctly masculine and that should be dealt with in a masculine fashion. Talk of particular body parts can't be discussed directly in China, so a very popular euphemism was used instead – Little Brother. This double entendre is the creative crux that drives all the campaign content online.


Name Company Position
Steve Elrick Bbh China Regional Executive Creative Director
Johnny Tan Bbh China Executive Creative Director
Kat Bojcuk Bbh China Associate Creative Director
Steve Sorec Bbh China Associate Creative Director
Bernice Wong Bbh China Producer
Ivy Shi Bbh China Producer
Simonas Piepalius Bbh China Strategic Planner
Ara Hampartsoumian Bbh China Business Development Director
Alicia Kennedy Bbh China Account Director
Rei Zhang Bbh China Account Manager
Dogboy Matthewmccaughey Shooting Gallery Shanghai Director
Antony Alekna Shooting Gallery Shanghai Director
Pearl Tan Shooting Gallery Shanghai Producer
Chris Reed Shooting Gallery Shanghai Dop
Keat Ng Attic Shanghai Editor
Fuse Fuse Music/Sound Design
Volt Shanghai Volt Shanghai Post Production
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